Two Point Hospital is a video game by SEGA that enables players to run an entire hospital.

Image Credit: SEGA

Business management video games are not foreign territory for us. In fact, our lives almost revolved in them way back 2009-2010, during the glory days of Facebook gaming. We competed with each other in building the most unique food establishment on RestaurantCity. We woke up early in the morning to harvest our planted eggplants on FarmVille.

Two Point Hospital revives the genre


SEGA brings life back to the business management genre in the form of Two Point Hospital. In this simulation game, you will build an entire healthcare organization from the ground-up. To keep patients rolling in, you need to plan the design of your hospital, place some decorative items around and add facilities according to the needs of your clients. You’ll need to upgrade facilities, train your staff, and conduct research for new cures since the patients that you’ll be dealing with have the weirdest diseases!

Cure peculiar illnesses


You’ve ever heard of Cubism? Well, yes, it’s a 20th-century art movement popularized by Pablo Picasso. But did you know that it’s a common type of disease in Two Point City?

Apparently, you can acquire it by staring at Pablo Picasso’s paintings for too long. The most common symptom is that you turn into a pile of cubes. You can only free yourself from the disease by undergoing the Recurvery Room, where you’ll be dissolved into a paste and then baked back into your human form.

Fun gameplay that doesn’t die down

Pop-ups will appear on your screen if there’s a problem that you’ve been neglecting, such as when patients get bored because your hospital lacks decorations. Also, the illnesses get wackier so you’re gonna have to do another research as to how you’re supposed to cure light-headedness. No, not the usual feeling like you’re floating. It’s literally having a head that’s an actual lightbulb.

Two Point Hospital is a constant flow of surprise and entertainment. As you level up, the game continually presents new challenges so you never run out of activities and cool stuff to look forward to.

You can now play Two Point Hospital on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One.

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