Brody ‘The Lone Star’ is the slowest Mobile Legends marksman

Brody is the newest marksman coming to Mobile Legends

After Popol and Kupa, Brody ‘The Lone Star’ will be the latest marksman to arrive on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This unique hero is arguably the slowest in the current roster of marksmen in terms of attack speed. However, his passive, high mobility, and heave hits are what make him a powerful threat on the battlefield. Unlike most of the marksmen in the game, Brody can survive and even win a 1v1 battle.

Brody’s passive is called ‘Abyss Corrosion.’ Given that he has a relatively slow attack speed, this skill compensates for it by giving him high damage output while allowing him to slow down enemies and leave them with an ‘Abyss Mark.’ Enemies with the mark get an increasing damage with every hit.

His first skill is called Abyss Impact, with which Brody launches a shockwave in a designated area. It deals damage to the receiving enemy while slowing them down and placing an ‘Abyss Mark’ on them.

Corrosive Strike, Brody’s second skill, allows the hero to dash towards an enemy and stun them. He can use it again to make another dash, making it a highly useful skill when chasing or escaping from an opponent.

Brody’s ultimate is called ‘Torn Apart Memory.’ A powerful burst projectile hits the enemy within range, dealing damage according to the target’s lost HP and the number of Abyss Marks cast upon them. Using this skill, Brody is guaranteed a sure hit on his enemy, making it a perfect finisher.

Brody ‘The Lone Star’ launches on October 16 and will be available for 599 diamonds or 32,000 battlepoints. Watch Montoon’s analysis of his skill mechanics down below.


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