Pearl Abyss announced today that various rewards will be offered to new Adventurers in Black Desert SEA. The rewards will help new Adventurers grow their characters faster and stronger.

New Adventurers, especially those who have played for less than 30 days since they created their secondary password, can now complete two additional Challenges that are available now. Those who reach the required levels between 30 and 56 can also get useful rewards such as Elion’s Tears and Cron Stones.

During the same event period, these new Adventurers can also claim additional rewards, including Advice of Valks and Shakatu Merchants’ Gold Bars, when they play for a certain length of time. These Gold Bars can be crafted into Gold Bar Boxes that will reward Adventurers with a vast amount of Gold Bars.

Furthermore, all Adventurers are encouraged to take a close look at the special event that is being held in the Altar of Blood. Starting today, those who defeat the Altar of Blood bosses until March 10 can earn themselves additional Caphras Stones for each stage reached. They can also obtain different types of Shards of Illusion as a reward, which can be used to complete the Black Spirit’s Illusion quests. Additional rewards such as Premium Elixir Boxes will be given for completing these quests.

Last but not least, mysterious vibrations have recently occurred within the world of Black Desert, causing changes to the content of certain Adventure Logs. Some of these changes will make the logs easier to complete than before.

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