When it comes to picking the best tanks in a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang match, you know the usual go-to heroes. There’s Khufra, who still gets banned every now and then for being too OP. There are Grock and Baxia, who often make it to the lineup in major tournaments for their unique crowd-controlling abilities and high damage output. There’s Uranus, who, if not used as a support, is used as an offlaner that will relentlessly annoy the enemy team.

But thanks to our favorite streamers and Esport athletes, they’ve shown us that just because a hero is not placed under the tank class doesn’t mean you can’t use them as one. In fact, in the current meta, it’s the fighter heroes that make for a more effective tank-support. With the right emblem and equipment, the odds are in your team’s favor when you have them in your lineup.

Who are these best fighters to use as tanks, then? Well, here are our top picks.


Whether he’s a sidelaner or your team’s core, the Steel Sweetheart is very lethal for his high burst damage and chasing abilities. However, players have learned to make the most of his skills by equipping a Support Emblem and having Athena’s Shield and Dominance Ice as his core items. As a tank-support, his gameplay remains pretty much the same. You can use him to ambush enemies, assist your team carry by tossing an enemy in your turret’s direction, and chase a high mobility hero with his Unstoppable Force. The difference is that he’s now a meat shield with a much higher HP, so you can abuse his skills for a longer time.


Minsitthar’s ‘Spear of Glory’ basically makes him like Franco, and that skill alone makes him effective in initiating team fights. Focus on increasing his defense and you’ve got your team a tanky initiator. And if you want to CC an enemy even harder, there’s his second skill, Shield Assault, which stuns enemies, and his third skill, King’s Calling, which summons four Royal Guards to surround him while attacking and slowing down the enemy within its area of effect. For heroes with dashing abilities like Harith, Chou, Leomord, and Lancelot, the Courageous Warrior is the perfect counter.


Chou is one of those high-risk, high-reward heroes. He’s fairly tricky to use, but once you’ve mastered his gameplay and combos, your teammates are in good hands. If you wanna steal a kill and you don’t have Kaja in your lineup, a tanky Kung Fu Boy can do the job.


After the recent M2 World Championship, there’s been an increase in demand for Silvanna as tank-support. ML pros have found a way to maximize her crowd-controlling abilities, and people are following suit. All Silvanna’s skills come in handy during team fights: her first skill, Cometic Lance, allows her to stun an enemy and dash in a designated area. Her second, Spiral Strangling, holds a target and pulls it in her direction. Her ultimate, Imperial Justice, is a powerful CC skill that imprisons an enemy within a circular area. Overall, this gorgeous Imperial Knightess is an exceptional playmaker that makes a huge impact on team fights.

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