There’s a new Pokemon adventure that awaits everyone, but instead of collecting and training the adorable monsters, the mission here is different.

Inspired by the Nintendo 64 1994 game, New Pokemon Snap is an upcoming video game that puts players in a role as a photographer tasked to uncover the mysteries of the new Lental Region, a large and diverse group of islands that is home to hundreds of Pokemons. You’ll be working for Professor Mirror, who needs Pokemon photos as he tries to uncover the mysteries of the region.

The story

Professor Mirror wants answers for some weird activities across the region, which he calls the Illumina Phenomenon. For reasons he has yet to understand, the Illumina Phenomenon causes plants and Pokemons to glow at night.

As his recruited photographer, you’ll embark on a mission across the Lental to help Mirror with his research. As you travel from one explorable landscape to another from lush jungles to beautiful beaches, you’ll get to observe the lives the Pokemons are living. You’ll learn how they sleep, eat, and battle. Each photo taken will be evaluated by Mirror, and will be added to the Pokémon Photodex.

A Nintendo Switch Exclusive, ‘New Pokemon Snap’ is slated to launch this coming April 30. Check out this brand new trailer by The Pokemon Company, which captures the breathtakingly beautiful world of Lental.


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