Ranida Games, the indie game studio behind our very own version of Street Fighter, BAYANI, proudly announces the arrival of another hero.

Introducing Lolang Tsora, she is a fictional character based on Filipina revolutionary Melchora Aquino more commonly known as ‘Tandang Sora.’ 

Bayani is a fast-paced, 1-on-1 anime-style fighting game heavily inspired by the Philippines’ rich history and mythology. It was released on Steam Early Access last year, showing impressive progress in its development since that time. The heroes in the game are all based on real-life figures from Filipino history.

Lolang Tsora is the eighth hero to be added into the current roster, joining Joe (based on Jose Rizal), Dre (based on Andres Bonifacio), and Leon (based on Emilio Aguinaldo), among many others. In BAYANI, she is an old grandma with low HP who moves slowly. But she has more than enough tools to keep her enemies away and create distance while piling on the pressure.

Tsora’s attacks can be categorized into three distinct magic types: Light Magic that draws power from the Moon and pushes opponents away; Dark Flames that draw from an ethereal Bakunawa and burns enemies; and Combined Light and Dark Magic that hits enemies multiple times for devastating damage.

Check out this video featuring Lolang Tsora in action below!


“With the release of our eighth character, our core roster is now officially complete, says Robert Cruz, game director of BAYANI. “The ninth secret character will be released as free DLC (downloadable content) to everyone in the future. It was added as a mini-quest social goal in our Kickstarter campaign so having it as a DLC seems more fitting.”

“We can now start development for other features of the game, such as Story Mode, an updated Arcade Mode and a more robust training room. This also means that we can divert more resources to online multiplayer, with a proper lobby. At this point, rollback netcode is a must so we will have to rethink our multiplayer approach. DLC characters will also still be developed alongside the other features but character creation will no longer be the top priority.”

For more information, visit BAYANI – Fighting Game on Steam and follow the game on Discord and Twitter.

What do you think of Lolang Tsora’s skills and attributes? 

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