Attention, Facebook Streamers: You’re Now Allowed To Use Copyrighted Music For Your Content

Facebook Creators Now Allowed To Use Copyrighted Music

Everyone knows the power of music to enhance a video– anything else in life, actually. Unfortunately, though, not everyone is allowed to use certain songs in certain places, like on Facebook.

If you’re a Facebook streamer, you’ve most probably experienced having your video partially muted because the material contained a song made by someone else. Once your content is uploaded, Facebook will suddenly have it on mute and call your attention. They will specify the song they’ve detected in your video and tell you about their commitment to the protection of someone’s intellectual property, which translates to, “Sorry, but this is freeloading. Pay up!”

In many cases, it’s true that when that warning pops up, you’re being a freeloader– regardless if you’ve credited the rightful owner of the song. After all, we’re talking about someone’s work that required effort and resources to finish, so it’s only fitting we pay them back.

However, there are also some instances in which Facebook will mess with you even if you have permission to use the song (e.g. you downloaded it from a website that offers free music or you created it yourself). In the case of the latter, you will see a 2nd Music Copyright Warning from Facebook that contains a ‘Restore Audio’ option. Clicking that means you’re defending your rights to use the song and that should give Mark Zuckerberg the signal to leave you alone.

No more drama


A very fascinating development on Facebook is now allowing content creators to use copyrighted music without having to worry about their videos getting muted. The social media giant is striking deals with music labels like Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment to allow free use of songs on its gaming platform.

Yep, that’s great news for every gaming content creator who knows that simply playing and talking are not enough– that there should be background music adding flavor to the mix. However, don’t get your hopes too high just yet; this negotiation between Facebook and the labels does not mean you can use any track that you desire. Apparently, some songs are still restricted for some reason, and there’s no way for us to know if the track we wanna play is free except for another pop-up explaining that you’ve picked a song that is not yet allowed for free use on Facebook Gaming.

That’s just a minor issue, though. Knowing Facebook, we are in the right position to assume that there’s more to come, especially for their gaming partners who have been nothing but a blessing to their platform.

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How about you, though? What do you think about this new offer on Facebook?

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