English actor Asa Butterfield is the latest addition to the current roster of Team Liquid.

While the 23-year-old star has won many hearts of film enthusiasts with his lead roles in blockbuster films like Ender’s GameThe Boy In The Striped Pajamas, Hugo– and recently– in Netflix’s teen comedy-drama, Sex Education, Asa Butterfield is also pursuing another passion: esports.

The world is no stranger to his geeky side. If you’re a follower of his socials, you’d know that he’s a man of many interests. His content would describe him as a film buff, an otaku, a SHITPOSTER, and yes, a committed gamer. He’s an awesome human being, basically– probably even cooler than any fictional role he’s portrayed before.

An October 8 announcement reveals that Team Liquid, the world’s leading professional esports organization, has officially welcomed Butterfield to their ever-growing family.

It’s still unclear what exactly is expected of Butterfield by the professional gaming team. Whether he will be filling up the role of a brand ambassador or an actual player helping the team win in competitions, Team Liquid has yet to reveal the details of their partnership. While the actor has been expressive on social media when it comes to his affection for video games and esports, he isn’t the type who shares his actual gameplay highlights. However, the tweet announcement mentions that Butterfield’s service could be tapped if the team ever needed a sub on Super Smash Bros. and DOTA.

Well, whatever this new gig means to our Otis, we wish him nothing but the best. We just hope that his being an esports personality doesn’t get in the way of his acting career– not now that we’re seeing another legend in the making. Plus, Maeve and Eric would be sad. 

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