Mundaun is unlike any other horror game you’ve seen before.

Pitched by the developer Hidden Fields as a “hand-pencilled horror tale,” Mundaun takes the horror genre to a whole new level of scary. All the in-game environment is hand-drawn and in greyscale– a uniquely terrifying visual twist that gives off the type of goosebumps typically associated with old stuff. Pair the unconventional artwork with the game’s super creepy audio, and you’re in for a nightmarish ride.

The story revolves around a character journeying up the Swiss Alps following his grandfather’s death, only to end up getting involved in a horrifying experience filled with sinister events. It was revealed by the designer Michel Ziegler that the game was inspired by his very own experience in the Alps as a kid. He also said in 2018 that he had been working on the game for 3.5 years, which means the project had begun way back 2015.

‘Mundaun’ is an immersive horror game with interesting key features. Players will be able to explore various environments– from green meadows to snowy peaks– all within the alpine world where reality meets myth. Throughout the game, the main character’s level of fear will be measured as “Fear resistance factor,” and the more fearful he becomes, the slower he’ll move.  Along the way, players will also be faced with puzzles and evil forces. It’s still unclear whether the game will have combat elements so there’s a chance you’ll only be avoiding and running away from enemies to survive.

‘Mundaun’ arrives sometime in 2021 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Check out the trailer below!


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