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‘Among Us 2’ Announced by Developer Innersloth

They promise us more options, more roles, and more excitement.

Taking the gaming realm by storm in the recent months is the online multiplayer video game ‘Among Us.’ A masterpiece of indie game company Innersloth, the game is fast gaining global attention for its simple-yet-incredibly-thrilling gameplay that involves trust, teamwork, manipulation, and betrayal.

Screencap of Among Us by Innersloth

A maximum of ten players enters a lobby created by one user, where everyone can talk and customize their avatars in the form of 3-foot2 tall humanoids. Once everything’s all set, players get assigned with their role whether they’ll be a crewmate or the Impostor. They are then transferred to the map where all the action and drama happen.

The game offers 3 maps players can choose from: Polus, The Skeld, and MIRA HQ. All the maps are maze-like worlds containing hallways and rooms in which players must complete their tasks. Each crewmate has its own designated tasks, the fulfillment of which can be tracked by a bar located at the top left of the screen.

The Impostor’s job is to kill everyone until only one is left; this will earn him victory. Every crewmate he kills turns into a ham on the floor, and if a crewmate finds it he should report it to others. Once reported, everyone alive in the game will find themselves in some sort of a group chat, where they can discuss what they know and vote for the person they think is the Impostor. If they’re already sure of the suspect, players can also choose to launch an emergency meeting by pressing a button at the Cafeteria.

Whoever gets the most votes is eliminated, which means the Impostor must be very good at pretending and lying. If he gets caught, the crewmates win. If he doesn’t, the game proceeds.

A sequel on its way!

While Among Us was released in 2018, the title only had a surge in popularity this year. And with that massive success, the developers have taken the liberty to serve us with a sequel.

Innsersloth announced via an August 18 blog post that Among Us 2 is under development. They said the reason they’re creating this one is to withstand growth. They didn’t expect the game would explode from a tiny local-multiplayer-only game with 30 – 50 players per hour in the servers to 70,000 – 110,000.

“Online multiplayer took 2 months and a total rework to make happen, then 6 months per extra map, and horrible server growing pains along the way,” Innersloth wrote.

“It really was not created to be this big. Because of this, it’s extremely hard to add more things without breaking existing things. Frankly, it’s terrifying to add in more things because the game is so fragile. Fixing this would require recreating core sections of Among Us, then making sure everything else still works on top. It’s actually even harder than just making a new game.”

What can we expect?

So far, the developers are targeting a 2021 release, although they haven’t specified the date. According to them, they will be retaining some key elements on the original Among Us like the maps and roles. However, they’re working to add new improvements like increasing the total number of players per game. Currently, one match can only accommodate 10 players with 2 to 3 impostors, at most. The sequel may have as much as 12 to 15 players, with more impostors.

“Also, we know that forming groups and making friends is tough. Accounts and friends will be in Among Us 2 straight out of the gate,” Innsersloth added.

We can also expect to see the “Crewmates vs. Impostor” gameplay a little bit tweaked, as the creators are planning to add more roles. “We aren’t far enough in the design to confirm any roles or how they will work, but the primary addition for Among Us 2 is more complexity than just Crewmate vs Impostor. This should add a lot more replayability to the game and we’re excited to see how we can shake things up for more advanced players,” they shared.

Well, 2021 is fast approaching, so it wouldn’t take long before we get our hands on this bigger and more electrifying sequel. But let’s be honest, the hype surrounding Among Us is still massive and it’s only getting bigger and bigger; by the time the sequel launches we’ll probably still be pretty much addicted to the OG one.

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