Amazon’s “Luna” will be like cable TV for video games.

The tech giant has just launched a fascinating development in the realm of cloud gaming.  During the annual Alexa hardware event held today, Amazon officially introduced ‘Luna,’ a cloud gaming platform that will provide everyone with a cable TV-like access to video games.

For the unversed, cloud gaming is a method of online gaming by which players play video games on remote servers and stream them directly using their own internet-connected devices. The way it works is akin to video-on-demand services, which allow users to stream videos without having to own a device where the content is stored.

Amazon’s Luna makes it the latest attempt by a tech company at the innovative cloud gaming service, following the footsteps of Sony’s PlayStation Now, Google’s Stadia, and Microsoft’s xCloud.

However, while Luna looks similar to its competitors on the surface, Amazon reveals that it’s going to be different when it comes to the business model. It won’t require users to pay for individual titles, like how Stadia and other platforms do it. Instead, Amazon will allow game publishers to launch their own channels on Luna, and users who have subscribed to a channel will be given access to the games inside it. This arrangement was inspired by the company’s successful video subscription business.

Luna kicks off with a channel named Luna Plus, which currently offers subscribers 4K streaming, unlimited hours of play, and access to dozens of games for $5.99 a month. Resident Evil 7 and Control are the titles already confirmed on this channel.

Also, Amazon has already unveiled their partnership with Ubisoft, which means Luna’s subscribers will be able to get their hands on renowned titles like Assassins Creed: Valhalla and Far Cry 6 for a yet-to-be-revealed monthly fee. While Amazon hasn’t named other major game publishers who’ve teamed up with them, they promise that we’ll find out about other channels in the future.

Well, as fancy as Amazon’s Luna sounds right now, it’s still far from being the perfect model. Cloud gaming is a fairly new thing in gaming technology, and companies are still in process of finding the right formula for what model is gonna provide everyone the easiest access to all the great video games out there. However, from the looks of it, Luna may have just opened the door to the future of game distribution.

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