In a June 5 live stream posted on his Facebook page, Pinoy streamer Akosi Dogie goes honest on his experience playing Wild Rift.

Akosi Dogie was one of the chosen ones to participate in the alpha testing of League of Legends: Wild Rift, the upcoming mobile version of the LoL PC game.


In the two-hour-long live stream entitled ‘ML PADIN ATA !!‘ the popular streamer started off asking his viewers what they wanted him to talk about. Following an audience member’s suggestion to relay his experience playing League of Legends Wild Rift, he struggled to find the right words at first.

“Opinyon ko lang, guys, ha. Kanya-kanya tayong opinyon,” Dogie said as a disclaimer. He admitted up front that his initial assessment on LoL mobile may have been affected by his addiction to Mobile Legends. He also explained that it was only an alpha test– a type of product testing done to identify bugs and issues before releasing a game to the public.

“Walang ganap,” said the streamer, less hesitantly now. “Hinahanap mo ‘yung ganap. ‘Pag nasanay ka sa Mobile Legends hahanap-hanapin mo ‘yung ganap. ‘Pag sinabi kong ganap, umiikot na talaga ‘yung mapa. Umiikot ‘yung game. Doon guys (on Wild Rift), for at least 3 minutes walang ganap sa mapa.”

“Nangawit ako sa kamay ko. Nangawit rin si H2 kasi apat ‘yung ano– apat ‘yung skill. Mangangawit ka talaga.”

After expressing his thoughts on Wild Rift’s map features in comparison to other MOBA games, Dogie said, “Graphics-wise, magka-lebel na sila nung Mobile Legends. Pero para sa’kin, mas gusto ko ‘yung graphics ng Mobile Legends.”

The internet celebrity talked about his love for League of Legends, even calling it his “first love.” But then, he said, “Pero, para sa’kin mas maganda pa AOV (Arena of Valor).” Just in time before his Mobile Legends game started, Dogie made last comments about Wild Rift having too many buttons to press, which made its gameplay confusing for him.

Some fans weren’t pleased.

Apparently, some audience members found his comments too harsh. They felt he went a little much on voicing out his negative criticisms toward the game, some of them even accusing him of being unfair and merely promoting Mobile Legends.

However, other viewers came to Dogie’s defense. They pointed out that the streamer only said what he had to say: the bugs and issues he found, and what could still be improved by the developers. One Facebook user expressed his thoughts on the matter by commenting, “TBH. His (Dogie’s) remarks towards Wild Rift is a big contribution to the developers. The purpose of alpha test is to find bugs, errors, adjustment, balancing, etc.”

What do you think about Akosi Dogie’s assessment on Wild Rift?

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