It’s you vs. the mushrooms and the turtles vs. other players.

Nintendo is turning Super Mario Bros. into an action-packed battle royale game called “Super Mario Bros. 35.” The game was announced during the celebration of Super Mario’s 35th birthday.

By Nintendo

As indicated by its title, the reimagined version of the platforming classic will be a last-man-standing multiplayer game participated by 35 players.

In this game, 35 players will have to simultaneously run through a level, competing with each other until only one survives. Each player will have to fight those classic Mario enemies such as the Goomba and the Koopa Troopa, and the defeated creatures will be sent to your opponents for them to struggle even more. There are also special items that await players along the way that can help you win the match.

Similar to the design of Tetris 99– another classic-turned-battle-royale by Nintendo released last year– players will be able to see each other’s progress. You can see who has the most coins, the lowest coins, and whoever is attacking you, allowing you to choose whom to target.

Super Mario Bros. 35 is scheduled for launch on October 1, 2020 for Nintendo Switch. However, it will only be available for several months, and you can play it until March 31, 2021. The game is free to play as long as you’re subscribed to Nintendo’s Switch Online service.

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What do you think about this reimagined Super Mario Bros.?

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