Are you one of these Mobile Legends players?

Mobile Legends players are everywhere. Walk by a sari-sari store you’ll see a group of teens huddled around playing ML. Go to a smoking area and you see employees playing ML. Ride a jeepney on your way home you see a fellow commuter playing ML. It is one of the favorite past times of people all around the country today.

The community of Mobile Legends has grown over time and with that growth comes the different types of players that you encounter every game. Some are good, most are bad. So here is a list of types of ML players that you may have encountered in your last game (or probably you yourself are one of them!).

The Marksman Main

Have you ever played with someone who tells you that they don’t know other roles besides being a core player? When they get forced to fill up other roles like tank or support, they end up losing because as it turns out they have no idea what they are doing? Yup, they are the marksman main type of ML players. These types of players do not know how to adjust to the team composition and strongly believe that he is the best core in your team.

The Team Captain

Playing with someone who always dictates and overrules other game strategies of teammates. Am I right? The team captain is a type of ML player that we turn into every once in a while. This type of player does not trust their teammate so they end up dictating everything that their teammates need to do. If he can play multiple phones at once, he will because he trusts himself more than anyone else.

The Pointer

We are losing because of you! My teammate sucks! They are all noob! Yup, the pointer. Or basically, the player who always blames their teammates whenever there is a mistake committed or whenever they are losing. This ML player thinks highly of themselves that they only see the mistakes committed by their teammate. They are the perfect ones, the ones who do not commit any mistake. Yup, the pointer.

The Appetizer

Diggie strategy? Nope, just a plain old feeder. This type of ML player is the leader in the scoreboards when it comes to death. They are the 6th player of the enemy team and just give them all the gold by dying every 2 minutes. They are the player who plays like it’s their first time playing the game and they don’t know what they are doing so they just keep on dying.

The Converge 

This is more of a forgivable type of ML player. I mean internet connection is something you can’t control. There are times during the middle of the game when they disconnect and it’s not their fault. But the problem is when you boot up Mobile Legends on your phone, then you see that red signal on your connection and still click Play Rank. Then that’s where the problem is. Play a classic match at least to see if the ping is playable or not. Don’t start immediately with a rank game. For Pete’s sake, just don’t.

The Believer

Have you ever played with someone who is just radiating with positivity? We can win this just hold on! The late game is ours! They are believers. These players are the positive once and believe that there is a bright future ahead of them. It is good to have a believer in your team once in a while. Makes you feel good which results in playing well.

The Spammer of Surrender

This type of ML player is the opposite of the believer. They just feel hopeless the moment they enter into the game because of their teammates not following the suggested draft. So he just clicks that surrender button after the 5-minute mark and just spams it. At least try to do your best and see how it turns out. Not because your teammates did not follow your draft means that you are going to lose. It’s a team game so work with them and win the game!

Which type of ML player are you?

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