Still got the energy to go back to 2020?

People deal with the ghosts of their past differently. Most of us would rather forget and move on. Game designer Max Garkavvy has a unique way of doing his: by turning them into a fun web-based game.

We are all tired of thinking, let alone talking about the horror that was last year. But listen, we know we aren’t a fan of reliving traumatic events, but for this new video game called ‘2020 Game‘ we’re asking you to make an exception.

‘2020 Game’ captures the highlights of last year, and translates them into a playable adventure game told in 8-bit graphics. It’s a hilarious take on last year’s series of events (both bad and the not-so-bad, like the rise of TikTok challenges), taking players on a thrilling side-scroller in which the tasks and levels are inspired by different 2020 things– from the Australian bushfires, to the rise COVID-19, to the quarantine drama that all of us surely relate to.

Although the game can be finished in a single minute, it surely has a lot to offer, story-wise. The entire gameplay is packed with moments that allow you to re-experience a certain memorable period of 2020, such as the hoarding of groceries to prepare for the impending quarantine, but instead of feeling all mad and sad about it, you’ll be laughing out loud.

Another noteworthy aspect of this video game is the ending. While many games give you the ultimate reward for having accomplished all levels, ‘2020 Game’ keeps it real by bringing you zombies and alien invaders in the end. It’s a clever commentary on how people seemed to forget that a year in the calendar does not really dictate our fate, so why ask for a kinder 2021? For all we now, the present year can be just as bad, if not worse.

‘2020 Game’ can be played on a web browser for free. However, Max Garkavvy is very much open to donations for those who wanna help him continue making video games. You can check out this link to learn how.

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