The new PS5 looks—well—we don’t know how to put it. But you can judge it for yourself right here:

On Wednesday during their CES 2020 press conference, Sony finally unveiled the PlayStation 5’s (which is coming out this 2020) official logo after many months. And it wasn’t what we and a lot of people expected, honestly.

If you aren’t aware yet, it’s not rocket science to understand but the PS5’s new logo looks much like its predecessors, PS3 and PS4, with only the numbers at the end as the difference. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

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Image result for playstation 5 logo and ps4 and ps3


So you probably get now why some people see it is as either amusing or annoying and there’s no in between.

But then again, is it to create hype?

Much like Facebook’s new logo that sparked controversy last November, maybe this “not-so-creative” design (deliberately or not) was announced to further hype up the new gaming console. Tbh, the PS5 logo wasn’t surprising at all because Sony had to stick to the branding they had for many years. But considering that there weren’t any more details announced other than the logo design, people are pretty mad. If this is what Sony wanted, well, it is surely working.

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Naturally, fans had a thing or two to say

And some are just savages…

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