Here are the top up and coming ONLINE food shops and cafes from all over the Philippines.  

Yep, you’ve heard that right — going out has a “new normal” and with this comes a lot of “new challenges” some of them being our go-to places for our coffee, snacks, and desserts are never quite the same, some have closed down — some are only available on-site, which is generally a very big challenge since going out is not really something that is “advisable” so to speak.

And so, in lieu of this — uDOu, being a team full of foodies (hehe) decided to do something about this by listing down a thorough list of really good food shops, & cafes from all over the country that has our seal of approval (as more or less, these are our discoveries and our new favorites during the online food delivery shift);

We just got tired of the countless number of online “food & coffee shops” that popped out — we wanted to make things easy for everyone as we jot down which ones are the really good ones and are the cream of the crop!

Disclaimer: There’s gonna be a ton of coffee & sweets mentioned below! Get ready to take your taste buds on a trip!

The Dessert Corner

Let’s check out our fave dessert shops!


On top of the list is Pengu treats, a newly established drink & dessert shop that is not only unique (in its milk tea flavors) but is also one of the most impressive online shops out there that’s not on GrabFood/Foodpanda.

Hailed as one of the best Southie-based treat shops, Pengu is definitely a food shop that stepped its game up during this “new normal” — Oh, and do not just take it from us, but try to check out some of the raving reviews from their loyal customers!

Ordered some milk teas for my daughter’s teachers for Teachers Day. Thank you so much for accomodating my request for a…

Posted by Katrina Alejo Crucena on Tuesday, 6 October 2020

pengu has tasty treats that leaves you wanting more. they are very accommodating and sulit ang binayad mo, what’s not to love? 💖

Posted by Ejy Emerenciana on Thursday, 2 July 2020

👍👍👍👍The product is more than worth the price. Your milktea cravings will surely be satisfied with the flavors to choose…

Posted by Bryan Gregorio Cadang on Monday, 29 June 2020

Our favourite treat: Their Red Velvet Crinkles — a definite must-try! (This, prolly is the main reason why I gained a LOT during the pandemic, I ordered roughly 6 boxes, and ate all of them within 48 hours)

Our rating: A++

If we’ve convinced you, do not hesitate to head on over to their official FB & IG Page to check them out & order! Follo & click now: @penguintreats


For those looking for the best cakes for that intimate celebration at home, we suggest going with Cakesphere, a trendy online bake shop that is made to order!

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Whether it is for a bridal shower, a birthday cake, or just about any day cake, Cakesphere has you covered! Oh, and did we mention how visually amazing their cakes are?

Our rating: B++

The only thing we wish is for them to add-in set packages with pre-determined flavor & designs for all occasions! I mean, for those who do not really know what they want yet — might be easier to just pick & choose! We definitely, do love them still thou!

Whimsical Delights By Sab

Oh, we did promise to bring even the most remote food shops we loved right? So, here is one of our regional favorites! Whimsical Delights by Sab — a passionate bakeshop situated in the city of pines, yeah you’ve heard that right! They are located in Baguio!

Known for their whimsical,  enamored  & flavorful cheesecake delights, this regional bakeshop is not just visually captivating but is also tasteful!

Oh, and what is great is they have started delivery in the Metro! So why don’t you go and head on over to their page for some of that guilt pleasure you know you want? Check them out here: @whimsicaldelights

Our rating: A-

A little bit on the pricy side (for the cheesecake) but is totally worth it!


Welp, this list wouldn’t be complete without a writer’s drug (Heh); so let us introduce to you, our favourite coffee shops!

Neighborhood Coffee Brewers

Known as one of the best hand-crafted ethically sourced specialty coffee in Makati. Neighborhood Coffee Brewers takes drinking coffee to a whole new level as it makes sure to source-out only the best coffee-beans with the top utmost care to the environment & the community as a whole.

Recently just established — Neighborhood Coffee Brewers has a lot of new & amazing coffee-based products to serve us! Check them out inside Siren Studios, 2227 Chino Roces Ave. Makati, Ph or go to their Fb Page here: @neighborhoodcoffe  for online deliveries.

Our rating: A

An equivalent to the farm to table (for organic food) option, this new endeavor is not just environmentally friendly but is truly a community-based business that is adept at helping in all aspects of its business model! We truly loved how each coffee roast represents a better tomorrow!

Rise n’ Grind

Coming into you hot from El Nido, Palawan – Rise n’ Grind is an online brewery coffee shop located in El Nido, Palawan. (Kinda far away from the Metro, yeah?) still — we thought it best to include it on our list since — one day or another we will be going back to traveling & this shop is one of the coffee lover must-haves!

Rise N' Grind - Coffee

Our rating: A

A modern yet very trendy take on some of our classic favourites, this is what sets them apart! A brew that is homemade yet is classic! Check them out when you do visit El Nido, or if you are in El Nido, do visit them! Find out more on: @risengrindelnido 

Stay Roasted Philippines

And, last but definitely not least — let us check out a very unique coffee brewery place! This allows you to have your own barista kit (if you feel like brewing your very own coffee concoction!)


Our rating: A

I mean, who wouldn’t want to try at least once in their lives how to brew their very own coffee right? Check them out here: @stayroastedph

The Munchies

One word: Chicken wings galore!

7th Wings

Ahhhh, chicken wings — who would not crave the lovelies? Definitely us! 7th wings is a newly opened foodie branch that offers a wide range of chicken wings flavor that has everyone talking. From the classics — to the unconventional taste, this one is truly a keeper in my book!


And what is really cool is, they have ongoing holiday promos! Just head  onto their official FB page to know more & avail of them: @7thwings

Our rating: A

One of the only wings places out there that truly satisfies your midnight cravings!

Get Your Fix

We know dining from home pales in comparison to an actual dine-out experience but we always make do and truth be told, having a list of hidden gems is heaven sent! These are our fave go-to shops when we do crave! What is more, is you won’t see them on Grabfood or Foodpanda (not yet anyway) as they are almost all new — and what is great is we get to explore amazing flavors we cannot see from the already established brands.

These new shops have shown us that taking a chance on new flavors and new ways of serving them are truly important. Filipinos have always been known to be resilient & resourceful, so apart from applauding their amazing taste, we also congratulate the business owners for being so amazing and clever in how they serve their communities!

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Will you be trying out any of the above? Which will you choose? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.