Top Filipino Food That Everyone Loves

Filipino Cuisine is mostly sea based   – and we absolutely love all kinds of fish in all kinds of recipes. Whether it’s about grilling or just matching raw fish with some side food,  we have a lot of fish on our plates when it comes to the recipes. So, here’s  a list of the top Filipino food that everyone loves. Some of these dishes went international as well.

Top Filipino Dishes:

Inasal is a typical Filipino dish that with all the ingredients that make for Filipino cuisine. It’s fresh chicken, marinated in vinegar, ginger, lemongrass, achiote and other ingredients and then grilled.  There are several other ingredients that you can add, including coconut vinegar, pepper, calamansi, annato and several more.

Kalderata is another classic Filipino dish that has become a favorite over the years. This dish takes some time in the making, and is therefore more of a festival dish. The chicken is marinated red wine and vegetables overnight and then grill it the next day. Recipe creaters use all kinds of meat to prepare this dish, including goat.  The cookin process takes several hours as well, so we cannot really be ready for this in a jiffy.

Kare Kare is a typical Filipino dish and has some unique ingredients. It’s made of oxtail, tripe and grounded peanuts.  The accompaniment for this is shrimp paste. It’s a must try Filipino dish, and one of the most popular ones out here.

Kilawin is a traditional Filipino dish. It’s basically fish served with citrus, something that tastes like mixing key lime with tangerine.  Cooks add some  other ingredients, like mangoes and coconut milk to this dish to make more ravishing and adding to the taste.

Ukoy is a fritter, that consists of chopped mung bean sprouts, carrots, shrimp and sometimes, taro. Then, this mix is cooked in a batter until it gets the iconic crispy taste. The side-offering for this dish is a spicy vinegar dip.

These are the different Filipino dishes that have stood the test of time. These dishes should be available all over the Phillippines. Of course, different restaurants might tweak the recipe a bit to make it their own, but the taste and the blend more or less remains the same.

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