Summer has arrived at Starbucks PH!

The lockdown may have prevented us from making the most out of the season, but don’t fret: we can still enjoy it at the comforts of our homes. Because Starbucks’ newest offerings are surefire ways to refresh and revitalize while treating your tastebuds to a delightful experience!


Starbucks’ Full-Tea Love consists of 4 new tea beverages, all bursting with yummy freshness. Starbucks® Sunshine Pineapple Oolong is a vibrant combo of Teavana™ Zen Clouds Oolong tea, golden pineapple chunks, and pineapple sauce topped with fluffy honey cold foam. Sunshine Peach Oolong is made with Teavana™ Zen Clouds Oolong tea, peach juice, and chunks of white peach jelly finished with a sweet honey cold foam.

You may also opt for Triple Golden Monkey, a tasteful mix of Teavana™ Golden Monkey Black Tea and oat milk, topped with silky tea foam and tea-flavored cookie crumbs. Are you a chocolate lover? Then you must try the Cocoa Golden Monkey, which is made with Golden Monkey Black Tea, creamy oat milk, and decadent mocha sauce, topped with tea foam and tea-flavored cookie crumbs.

Full-Tea Love is now available for a limited time starting April 21, in Starbucks stores nationwide. You can order it in Grande and Venti sizes only.

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Have you tried any of the Full-Leaf beverages yet? Tell us in the comments below!

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