O/C Records kickstarts the new year by creating history! Watch out for the first-ever UP Fair Monday Stage “HIWAGA” and here’s the diverse lineup you shouldn’t miss!

O/C records’ milestones are truly undeniable. They had their first stage at Fête De La Musique last year, mall and campus shows, and of course, a lot of new artists signed under their label. With the year just starting, the record label is kicking it off with the first-ever UP Fair Monday Stage “Hiwaga” and here’s what we’ve learned last night at their press launch!

UP Fair: Hiwaga Press Launch

A chill night with great music, O/C Records held the UP Fair: Hiwaga Press Launch at TAuMBAYAN, Kamuning last night (January 7, 2020). Martin Riggs welcomed everyone with a video of the milestones of O/C Records. Check it out HERE:

And before unveiling the official poster and announcing the lineup, the program started with amazing music from Eugene Layug.

Following the Objective Criticism artist’s performance was none other than Callalily.

And right after, Kean Cipriano, CEO of the label, thanked everyone for coming and was then joined by the Vice President of O/C Records and his wife, Chynna Ortaleza.

They unveiled the amazing poster created by Albert Raqueño and announced the very unexpected lineup.

Check out the photo op with Kean, Chynna, Glaiza de Castro, and its O/C Records’ Odd Creature artists after their announcement:

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To end the program, Unique Salonga wowed everyone as per usual with his amazing voice and great music.

The first-ever UP Fair Monday Stage

Kean Cipriano, through a chat last night, shared with us how the first-ever UP Fair Monday Stage came about through Martin Riggs. UP Fair starts on a Tuesday until Saturday, and having it on a Monday would be “odd”—which is perfect for the Odd Creatures of O/C Records. Mounting a huge campus show was also the goal, and next month, they will be doing just that.

The diverse lineup

The lineup is composed of artists from O/C Records. Namely Callalily, Unique Salonga, Gian Magdangal, Earl Generao, Rice Lucido, Frizzle Anne, Bita and The Botflies, Martin Riggs, and Calein.

The Busking Community PH will be there too, opening the day with something special called “Bilog”. But when I asked Martin Riggs on what it will be all about, he teases by saying “secret” and to just head over the UP Fair on February 10 to find out.

Poster by Albert Raqueño

Proving that Filipino music transcends all boundaries and O/C Records being a very friendly record label, their UP Fair will not only have their artists in the lineup. UDD, Ebe Dencel, Slapshock, This Band, Reese Lansangan, Clara Benin, and KJWAN will also be there. And being even more diverse, celebrities will also be sharing their music! Glaiza de Castro and Philia will be playing as well and lead by none other than Arci Muñoz.

But what really caught my attention was SB19 being a part of the lineup and got me all excited even more (I know you are all happy too, A’TINs!)! I have seen Kean Cipriano’s interest with the PPOP boy group through his social media. So I couldn’t help but ask what made him invite SB19 to be a part of this milestone. And he said,

“We like them. I like them. My kids like them. Tapos natutuwa ako sa ginagawa nila, gusto ko sila mapanuod ng live.”

I have gotten accustomed to music events having a lineup that has one genre or at least similar to each other. And this is probably the first time I’ll be witnessing such diversity in a genre in one stage for one day. An absolute wild mix! It’s definitely going to be a historic moment for O/C Records and the UP Fair 2020!

Battle of the Bands

In case you missed it, you have the chance to be a part of the UP Fair Monday Stage: Hiwaga! Just check out the qualifications and follow the mechanics down below:

Kean Cipriano shares that they decided to conduct this battle of the bands in order to open the floor for UP bands. It is also a way to reach out to them and get to know their music. And its also befitting that since they will be playing in UP, it’s just right to have a bunch of UP bands on stage.

O/C Records this 2020

There is no stopping O/C Records from reaching milestone after milestone and creating history for their label and their artists. And the year is only beginning as Kean says “This year is gonna be heavy”.

Every month, Kean shares that there will be new activities and new releases to expect. There will be tours and concerts for Callalily as they celebrate their 15th year in the music industry. Kean’s solo project will also make waves this year as well as he releases his album. Of course, we should also expect a bunch of new singles and music videos from Unique Salonga! Kean also shares his support for The Busking Community PH, which means more shows not only on stage but also on the streets to push through the advocacy of the community. And lastly, more signed artists under O/C Records!

Tickets will be available for purchase soon!

Are you ready for the UP Fair Monday Stage “HIWAGA”? I know I am counting down the days until February 10, 2020! So stay tuned, save the date, and ready your hearts out for such an amazing day and night of music! Comment your thoughts down below or send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter (@udouph). We’d love to hear from you!