Without a doubt, our very own The Nationals paves way for the growth and development of the next generation of esports talents!

For the past few years, esports has grown into something bigger here in the country. Back then, everyone turned a blind eye about it. Regarded it with a stigma that only hinders an individual in reaching a successful life. Because the only sports that matter are basketball, volleyball, chess, and the likes. If it ain’t considered in the Olympics or such big events, then it ain’t sports to begin with.

But as esports grew in the country, people began to see the beauty of it. The possible career, the blooming economy and everything about it, especially with what the international esports community has showcased. And with the passion for gaming and that extra push, The Nationals was born.

For the Filipinos, By Filipinos

The Nationals was created to cater to the ever-growing demand for esports. Particularly to the 3 of the biggest games in the country; Dota 2, Mobile Legends and Tekken 7. And it’s the first and only franchise-based esports league in the country. You can compare it to PBA or UAAP leagues. But with video games instead.

We’ve had our fair share of professional esports players participate in international tournaments before. But The Nationals created a much smaller scale tournament, featuring aspiring and up-and-coming talents. Through their combined efforts with sponsors, they’ve managed to grow and create more opportunities for esports talents. Not just the players, but also shoutcasters, analysts, hosts, companies, and production teams to thrive.

So far, they’ve honed talents from their resident team participants. Namely Bren Epro, Cignal Ultra Warriors, Happy Feet Emperors, PLDT-Smart Omega, Suha-XCTN Punishers, and STI eOlympians. But they’ve expanded the teams participating the league. And that includes the likes of Nexplay Esports. 

As of now, The Nationals is gearing up for the Playoffs of their Tekken 7 Conference! So if you wanna catch the intense action of your favorite Tekken 7 players, then be sure to watch it on September 14, 2019!

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