Buckle up, everyone. Because the last night of February is sure to be a banger with Rakrakan Festival 2020 and this intense lineup!

Over 120 artists will be playing simultaneously on the 6 stages of the Rakrakan Festival 2020! Save the date because Rakrakan Festival: Peace, Love, & Music is happening on February 29 at the CCP Open Grounds, Pasay City.

Catering to every music enthusiast, the Rakrakan Festival will be having six stages with different genres namely: AKLAS MOVE STAGE, LAKAS MOSH STAGE, TM CENTER STAGE, SLAM STAGE, PEACE STAGE, and LAHI STAGE. All stages will at least have 20 artists each, so you better gather your energy because one stage alone will definitely rock your hearts out. And as if that’s not enough, there’s also a side stage called the MACBETH STAGE!


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The following artists will be taking over the Aklas Move Stage!

– Mayonnaise –

– Gloc-9 –

– Kjwan –

– Happy Three Friends –

– Razorback –

– Written By The Stars –

– Spongecola –

– Woopis –

– BRWN –

– Maryzark –

– Typecast –

– Rocksteddy –

– Muziklaban Molay –

– Muziklaban Project Roots –

– Muziklaban Pikaso And The Riots –

– Muziklaban Errorcheck –

– Muziklaban Cross T26 –

-Muziklaban Blancsugar –

– Join the Club –

– Tanya Markova –


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Get ready to band your head at the Lakas Mosh Stage with the hardcore music of these artists!

– Slapshock –

– Wilabaliw –

– Greyhoundz –

– Chicosci –

– Lilith –

– Teeth –

– Pentavia –

– Even –

– Saydie –

– Philia –

– Valley Of Chrome –

– Skychurch –

– Muziklaban Pahina –

– Muziklaban Atthismo –

– Muziklaban Mildskill –

– Muziklaban We The Dying –

– Muziklaban Moawh –

– Muziklaban Switchblade –

– Reborn –

– CoLn –


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Don’t miss out on these talented artists from your favorite bands to solo artists at the TM Center Stage!

– Kjah & Juss Rye –

– Ron Henley –

– Kiyo & Alisson Shore –

– Shanti Dope –

– Just Hush –

– Up Dharma Down –

– Because –

– IV of Spades –

– Mark Carpio – 

– Mike Swift –

– Juan Karlos –

– CLR –

– Al James –

– Allmo$t –

– December Avenue –

– Silent Sanctuary –

– Pricetagg –

– I Belong To The Zoo –

– Callalily –

– St. Wolf –

– Bassilyo –


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Make sure you have the energy for this total banger at the Slam Stage!

– Subculture –

– The Republicats –

– Badburn –

– Mr. Bones And The Boneyard Circus –

– Jejaview –

– Faintlight –

– Ultimate Ube –

– Shotgun Combo –

– Powerspoonz –

– Giniling Festival –

– The Chongkeys –

– Vjosh Tribe –

– Talata –

– Embercore –

– Days Of January –

– Piledriver –

– Blunt Concept –

– Bloodshedd –

– Sin –

– Arcadia –


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Get ready to sing some great OPM tracks with these amazing local bands at the Peace Stage!

– Gracenote –

– Pedicab –

– Banda Ni Kleggy –

– Imago –

– We Got –

– 6cyclemind –

– The Vowels They Orbit –

– Better Days –

– Brisom –

– Orange & Lemons –

– Music Hero –

– Franco –

– Sud –

– Magnus Haven –

– Chocolate Factory –

– Unique –

– This Band –

– Soapdish –

– Sandiwa –

– Chndtr –

– Mojofly –


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Truly feel the Filipino music at the Lahi Stage with these very talented artists!

– Dong Abay –

– Wuds –

– Philippine Violators –

– Harmony And Horizon –

– Pawikan –

– Kurei –

– Ordinaryo –

– Munimuni –

– Bayang Barios –

– Sagip Adik Foundation –

– Syd Hartha –

– Barbie Almalbis –

– The Bloomfields –

– Kadangyan –

– Grin Department –

– Banda Ni Mayor –

– Bita And The Botflies –

– Color It Red –

– Lion And The Scouts –

– Engkanto –

– Talahib People Music –


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As if the 6 stages are not enough, don’t forget to drop off at the side stage at Rakrakan Festival, the Macbeth Stage!

– Gin Rhum & Truth –

– Philippine Gorillaz –

– Fridge –

– RedLightGo! –

– Calebral –

– The Blackstone Conspiracy –

– SucketSeven –

– Fragments –

– Miss Ramonne –

– Bob –

– LTNM –

– Ashfall –

– KRTK –

– PAR –

– Sasaya –

– Destroy Pretty Boy –

– Paraluman –

Activities at the Rakrakan Festival 2020!

Rakrakan Festival 2020 will sure to give you a night one for the books with this lineup! But not only that because there are tons of other fun-filled activities at the event that you could check out. Here’s what you need to know!

A good conversation from our fellows along the PEACE LANE

Take a good stroll along the PEACE LANE which will be surrounded with booths of our dear NGOs and LGUs with campaigns that you might learn a thing or two from. There will be fundraisers, information drives, and cool activities that may help you understand their respective campaigns in a fun way.

Live art sessions from the country’s brightest

Presented by Nippon Paint Coatings Philippines, we’ll get to watch how our students turn blank canvasses into masterpieces bearing the theme “Peace, Love & Music” through a live street art competition and you’ll be amazed by how such talent is often left unnoticed.

A FREE-FOR-ALL skate clinic!

Instead of the yearly skateboarding competition Rakrakan Festival holds, they will be holding a free skate clinic presented by Macbeth Philippines. Take note that you (if you’re a first-timer) only have to bring yourself ‘cause there will be available professionals with complete skate gear who will assist you on your ride! For our regular skaters, we also have obstacles and ramps available for you to enjoy—you just gotta bring your trusty decks and skate away!

Lit wordplay from the veterans of Sunugan

Make way as Sunugan, one of the most prominent local rap battle conferences, is bringing their game to Rakrakan Festival this year and will be spearheaded by none other than the Mike Swift himself. Witness impressive wordplay from our roster of rap artists and watch out for surprise performances!


To hype us up before diving into the moshpit are the wrestlers of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, who will be serving us some body-slamming action that would keep us on our toes the whole night! Nothing screams “slam” more than wrestling.

Eye-catching performances from the Flow Arts community

Move with the tunes of your favorite artists from the Lahi Stage as the Flow Arts community showcase their talent and skill in amazing performances that’s sure to make the place feel magical and freeing with every movement they make. Witness how they play with fire that could sizzle the energy in you.

Immense love for the local apparel scene

Make sure to bring extra cash as our merchandise bazaar with over 100 local and independent apparel brands are going to exhibit their best designs at hand. Browse through an array of ideas put into clothing, connect with our growing community of artists, and place your support by buying a piece! It could be your next gig outfit, who knows?

A stomach that would never go empty.

Don’t worry about lunch, merienda, and dinner ‘cause the food bazaar is open once you enter the gates. Choose from a variety of food and drink selections and never run on an empty stomach! Sure enough, the choices are diverse and would rev you up in seconds. It’s important that you load up on food before running around so your energy bar will never drain. Also, always hydrate!

Six hectares of selfie-friendly land

It’s great to enjoy the moment but it’s best to keep some memories with you! With a number of creative installations around the area, it’s your task to create those IG-worthy photos for you to look back on when another round of Rakrakan Festival takes the stage. Get those selfie skills ready and have fun!

#RakrakanFestival2020 #PeaceLoveandMusic

Tickets are now available at all SM Ticket outlets nationwide. Score yourselves a ticket now before they run out! Prices are as follows:

Regular Pre-Sale:

PHP 500 Regular

Door: PHP 600

VIP Pre-Sale: PHP 1500

VIP Door: PHP 2000

Rakrakan Festival 2020: Peace, Love, and Music is presented by Rakista Radio and Red Horse Beer Muziklaban; co-presented by Macbeth Philippines and TM; with Official Venue Partner, Cultural Center of The Philippines. Visit www.rakrakanfestival.com and Rakrakan Festival’s official Facebook page for more details.

Do you have your tickets already? Don’t miss out on the Rakrakan Festival 2020: Peace, Love, & Music and this intense lineup! For questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.