All The Way Up Dance Competition was absolutely a success as the Philippine Dance Scene takes a leap with AfterParty!

All The Way Up Dance Competition brought about by AfterParty and together with Rockwell has got to be one of the biggest dance competition for the year 2018.

However, ATWU Dance Competition is not merely about competing with other talented dance crews for the enormous grand prize. The team behind AfterParty aims to contribute to the already broad Philippine dance community by giving them the much-needed exposure and attention that they deserve.

All The Way Up Grand Finals at the Meralco Theater was filled by talented individuals and crews from the Philippine dance community. Dance skills and energies vibrate all throughout the event proper radiating from the 36 participating crews and from the judges themselves. The judges for the finals are well-known in the country’s dance scene; namely AC Bonifacio, Ella Cruz, and Julian Trono. Rhemuel Lunio (leader of Rockwell), Kenjohns Serrano, and Lauren “Rockboi” Chua were also there as recurring judges. While our very own Pring siblings, Victor and Joyce, energized the event as the hosts for the ATWU Grand Finals.

Over 170 crews trained day and night starting from the first elimination round of ATWU that occurred last August 4 at URBN Quezon City. From over 170 crews, only 36 crews managed to compete at the grand finals of All The Way Up Dance Competition at the Meralco Theater held last October 21. For the Squad Crew, NU Underdawgz bagged the P40,000 grand prize while the Fire Crew grand prize worth P60,000 was taken home by the League of Dominions.

After the heartstopping and fiery dance routines of all the competing dance crews and before announcing the grand champions, the second part of the night began. As We Proceed 2018 was Rockwell’s 3rd Annual Concert, gracing the audience with their world-class performances. Rockwell captured and amazed all the attendees at the Meralco Theater as they exhibit their legendary dance skills through a variety of dance acts. Furthermore, AfterParty and Rockwell showcasing the talents of the Philippine dance community is just the first part.

Rockwell – As We Proceed

AfterParty’s premiere dance competition All The Way Up is not just about winning and bagging the enormous grand prize. AfterParty aims to promote the Philippine dance scene by giving them opportunities as such in order to give recognition to the talents that represent the country. AfterParty and All The Way Up aims to become the premiere dance competition in the Philippines, and ATWU Dance Competition is merely just the beginning. With the Campus Dance Drive Year 2 being co-presented by the AfterParty and with an All The Way Up Year 2 working on its way—the AfterParty is determined to help the dance scene and its talents to have more voice and be able to forge an even more enhanced identity for them. Campus Dance Drive Year 2 is another stepping stone in showing the concrete support that the AfterParty has for our dance community.

An example of how AfterParty can adhere to the needs of the talents of the country is by giving them more opportunities. Matthew Gatchalian was part of the Invincible dance crew who placed 11th on the Squad Crew Leg of the All The Way Up Grand Finals. Less than two months after the ATWU Dance Competition, Matthew Gatchalian is set to participate and compete in the College Division of the Campus Dance Drive Year 2 under the Street Enomenos dance crew.

Billy Onate, on the other hand, was one of the members of the Dynamic Movers who came in third under the Squad Crew Leg of ATWU. After a chat with him, we got to know more about his experience with the AfterParty’s event. “We really had a great experience as we battle in ATWU,” shares Billy. AfterParty also gives these dance crews the chance to experience more so as to hone their skills and talents.

Billy continues, “In the competition itself, we find it great competing with the best of the best in our country. Most especially placing 1st in the elimination and 3rd in the finals (reality speaking, we really became bitter for the championship). Anyway, it was a great experience!”

Dance competitions are certainly a risk, but whether or not you win or lose, you gain more due to the training you had to endure. Learning through dance competitions such as All The Way Up could really aid the dance crews of the country—to support this note, Billy tells us what they have learned with AfterParty and ATWU. “We learned that once you have entered a certain competition, you need to abide by the rules and regulations of the said competition.” He also adds that “Also we learned not to underestimate any competitor. Dance competition is like a lottery. Anyone can win as long as they bet. Even underdawgs!”

Moving forward with these dance events and competitions, AfterParty aims to connect, develop, and support the Philippine dance scene. To shed some light on what’s to come with AfterParty, here’s a bit of teaser for everyone:

Not only will the dance community be pulled up but because AfterParty intents to pave way for a brighter path for the top dance crews of the country and honing the skills of the rising dance talents all over the Philippines. With All The Way Up already a successful dance competition, people should expect further keen determination from the team to provide a platform for the Philippine dance scene to become more united and give the exposure they truly deserve not just in our country, but internationally.

Philippine Dance Scene takes a leap with AfterParty is truly something to watch out for don’t you think? Don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts as we grind to better the Philippine dance community! Leave a comment or message us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.