If you’re looking for a fundraising group with an initiative of helping our frontliners, you can donate and share the good news of Helpthru!

Among of the determined Filipinos that still look for silver lining in the midst of this pandemic crisis, know that we can count on Helpthru. Instead of ranting all about the news, they stand for our health workers to cope with the terrible situations caused by the novel Coronavirus. In case you don’t know yet, Helpthru is charity organization that raises funds for the nation’s response efforts.


Alongside our health workers, there are military people and policemen who are also looking after our safety, so Helpthru provides face masks and gallons of alcohols for them, too. Yesterday, they covered 10 police stations in Metro Manila and according to them they will cover more!

More so, this nonprofit volunteer group aims to spread this news to everyone so that many will join this cause. So be a vessel for this organization, you can share this article and their Facebook page!


For interested donors, direct suppliers, or sponsors, feel free to message them on their Facebook page.

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“Let’s keep the bayanihan spirit alive as we altogether fight covid-19!”

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