Join the parade as Fête de La Musique: Alternative Stage brings us together for a day of good alt music!

Once again, we’re all invited to join Feté de La Musique or Music Day to celebrate the local music festivity in our community on June 22. This multi-stage, multi-genre format music fest guarantees us a showcase of our beloved local music acts. And among the stages of this widely celebrated music fest is the Alternative Stage at the Arkipelago, Makati City. Entrance is free!

Alternative music has always been a huge part of the local music industry. Either it’s soft-sounding or powerful, it became one of the prominent genres as of now. And to celebrate the non-conformist sound we’ve all love, the Alternative Stage stands tall for everyone to enjoy at the carnival-themed Feté de La Musique.

Fête De La Musique: Alternative Stage will feature 22 bands in one day. From 4 pm up until 1 am, you’ll get to witness a collection of your favorite local alternative acts. The three main acts for this stage are none other than our favorite alternative rock outfits Join The Club, Bita and the Botflies and Jana Garcia.

Joining them are the following bands:

-Gin Rum And Truth
-Jurassic Pards
-Switchblade Manila
-God vs. The King
-Hey Moonshine
-Ants fly
-Shutter Tones
-stella –
-San One
-Write Turn
-Crown of Thorns
-Don lang

What’s more?

Aside from the cutting-edge alternative tunes, Fête de la Musique will also present the arts and cultures of the local community. You’ll get to see a variety of visual arts, film, street theater, dance and crafts that will satisfy your art cravings.

There will also be free popcorn and cotton candy for everyone, tons of merchandise to choose from, game and amazing prizes. You can also take a snap at the photo booth to commemorate the celebration. So might as well bring the whole family and barkada because it’s huge fun for everyone! And take note, everyone is encouraged to wear a hat or any decorated hat as participation in this wonderful celebration!

So mark your calendars for Fête De La Musique: Alternative Stage. That’s on June 22, Saturday at the Arkipelago, Makati City. And it’s free admission people!

Be sure to bring the whole family and barkada on June 22, see you there! Because everyone in town is coming to this one! Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.