Feeling the weight of the extended cabin fever? Well, to appease our hearts, juan karlos will be hosting a live streaming party!

You won’t need an exclusive invite just to be part of Diwa Album Streaming Party, because the said event welcomes everyone in a virtual party via zoom at 9 pm today, April 24! Yes, you’ve heard it right. You can invite your friends to sing along and listen to juan karlos as they share stories behind the tracks on their album, Diwa.

You can join the live stream through Zoom Video Call using the password: Sampaguita

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Bukas na ang #DiwaParty ng @juankarlosband ! Nakapag-set na ba kayo ng alarm? ⏱

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Also, Don’t forget to register at Diwa Party link and download Zoom App if you don’t have one yet.

In case you didn’t know yet, Diwa is the first 10-track studio album of the band released under MCA Music last March 20, 2020. It has a mixture of songs that best represent all the musical influences of the members of juan karlos. Comprised of JK Labajo on vocals and guitar, Jeriko Aguilar on guitar, Louise Bayas on bass, and Gian Hipolito on drums, the band is truly serving us timely music and the verses we’re dying to hear.

“Having a band is not easy, ilang beses din kami nagpalit ng members but now, we’re settled na, I’m not the best singer but when I perform, I really do give my best,” JK Labajo shared.

To tell you, the19-year-old The Voice Kids Philippines alumnus realized that he can actually sing when he already started performing with his band. He also admitted that he certainly wants to commit to what he really wants—to write, produce, and perform his own songs the way he hears it in his head and heart and be part of a band. What’s more, he totally wants to make a mark in OPM and to take juan karlos to the international stage!

“I want to be able to make a change; a difference. I want to show people the importance and beauty of music. I’m in music for the art, to earn in order to fund my daily needs and dreams, and for the recognition so I can have reach and to be heard.” he added.

Well, it’s really exciting to find out what juan karlos has in store for us! For now, we can be a part of their journey as their new album vies for the tops spot in all digital platforms.

Speaking of streaming, don’t forget also to listen in their new album on Spotify!

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Are you excited and will join later at Diwa Album Streaming Party ?

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