The first-ever hip-hop music festival in PH will be happening this February and we’re inviting you to be part of this historic moment!

Expect to see everything about Filipino hip-hop like battle rap, music, dj-ing, break dancing, and more!

Throughout the years, Filipino hip-hop, in general, has been frowned upon but with the FlipTop Festival, it’s an attempt to redefine the scene and further promote Philippine Hip-hop. Together with more than 200 veteran and aspiring artists, this two-day event will focus on every element our local hip-hop community has to offer.

“The festival aims to really be as inclusive as possible, and more importantly, to have everyone represented properly,” Yuson points out. “As much as hip-hop has grown in the last decade, with every element, region, style, and era, it’s really not easy to make sure that no one is left out. So ultimately, we’ll try to achieve that; to get literally everyone to really represent and celebrate what we’ve accomplished as a culture.”



Celebrating the 10th anniversary of FlipTop

Along with promoting hip-hop, FlipTop will be having its 10th anniversary during the said festival. And in case you are one of few people who don’t know what it is, it’s an artistic form of battle rapping all the while embracing hip-hop and is now considered as a “massive cultural phenomenon that continues to gain significant traction online.”

ICYMI, FlipTop Battle League, pioneered by Anygma, has gathered more than 1.5 billion views on Youtube launching the careers of some of the biggest and most influential battle emcees in Philippine contemporary hip-hop scene such as Loonie, Abra, Shehyee, Zaito, Sinio, Tipsy D, and Shernan whom will be present at the event.

Diversity of hip-hop

Aside from seeing the top battle rap emcees, you can also expect performances by Filipino hip-hop artists Gloc-9 and Shanti Dope and acts from all around the country.

Furthermore, you can witness some of the best Philippine DJs showing off their skills in turntablism. And let’s not forget about the street artists because you’ll get to see them create their graffiti masterpieces from scratch. Lastly, watch out for the moves of talented b-boys and b-girls which will definitely leave you in awe.

What: FlipTop Festival
When: February 7-8
Where: Aseana City

What do you think of Filipino battle rap or Fliptop? And will you be attending FlipTop Festival this February?

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