Fandom Manila presents What’s Your Cool saw audiences in the far north for the third leg of the tour! SM City Cauyan and the newly-opened SM Center Tuguegarao Downtown experienced a party like no other with some of the country’s best DJs.

What Went Down

DJ Gigz Reyes performing for What's Your Cool

First up on the bill was our college DJ winner Gigz Reyes who charmed his way to the hearts of our crowd with his blasting EDM tunes. Fellow winner and Isabela’s very own DJ Earl Austin hit the decks next, with Tuguegarao’s winner DJ Zaiten’s funky house set taking his place the second night. DJ David Ardiente lifted a sense of wonder with our AfterPartyers, thanks to his eclectic mix of the latest anthems and upcoming underground house music. Our very own modern-day renaissance man DJ Marc Marasigan shook the event grounds alongside MC Victor Pring, pumping up Cauyan and Tuguegarao for DJ Jennifer Lee’s explosive closing set—complete with illuminated props for a visual treat!

DJ Marc Marasigan and Victor Pring performing for What's Your Cool

Where to Next?

What's Your Cool Cauyan

Join Joyce Pring, DJ X-Factor, MC Victor Pring, DJ Sho Isomura, DJ Lucio Pua, DJ Martin Pulgar, and DJ Miaow on Saturday, November 25 at SM City Marilao for the final leg of the What’s Your Cool tour! Don’t forget to download the AfterParty and SM Supermalls app on your phone for entrance and we’ll see you there!

Photos taken by Simon Vigan for AfterParty/U DO U