What’s Your Cool by AfterParty Jigs Up URBN QC

Even with Tropical Storm Isang drenching Luzon and causing floods in Metro Manila, our AfterPartyers charged URBN QC last Saturday for What’s Your Cool! With an additional stage outside the club, the biggest back to school party of the year was a go.

Calm Before the Storm

To gain access beyond the chain link fence, our patrons proudly displayed their AfterParty accounts. Our college DJ winners Mohit Alamchandani and Karl Luis kicked the night off and proved why they secured the spots in the first place. BSTRDPRNCE acted as the welcoming committee on the outside stage, teasing our AfterPartyers with what was yet to come. Some chose to hang out and grab a drink by the outdoor Bacardi bar and some took a peek inside where URBN QC resident DJ MRKIII was serving up some of her tunes. DJ Sho Isomura took it upon himself to read the crowd before making hasty musical decisions, giving us a fun and solid set.

DJ Karl Luis

DJ Mohit Alamchandani


DJ Sho Isomura


Not long after, the crowd began to warm up as indie band Autotelic tuned their instruments. They spoiled us with a never-before-played track on their setlist and we were lucky enough to be the first ones to hear it live! Following up the vibe, Silent Sanctuary got the crowd to scoot up front and really be one with their vigor. The idea of a band like Silent Sanctuary (or any band for that matter) to be playing a venue like URBN QC seemed absurd but they did it, and they did it well. Our view from the DJ booth behind gave us a clear sight on how every single person sang their songs in verbatim! The collective voices echoed the club complete with popping confetti as the cherry on top.


Silent Sanctuary

Now that everyone was on fire, the sparkling Bacardi bottles began to make their way to their respective tables. Midnight struck and DJs David Ardiente and Rico Arce manned the turntables in matching AfterParty X Heartless Ph hoodies. Their long-time stints in the nightlife industry showed in how well they were able to guide the crowd with the highs and lows of their music. Funk Avy got the outside AfterPartyers moving to his heavy drops and showed us why he truly is the Philippine King of Electro and Banging Remixes.

DJs David Ardiente and Rico Arce

Funk Avy

In Full Force

Our main event of the evening made their presence known with a video so badass, no one knew how wild it was about to get. MC Victor Pring and DJ X-Factor popped up from behind the booth and coaxed everyone to abolish the gap on the dance floor. Victor swayed the crowd with his signature zing and everyone jumped in for the adrenaline-fuelled ride. Alwyn Cruz and DJ MVRXX joined their entourage, spicing up the set with hot flavors from Alwyn’s guitar strings and hulking beats with MVRXX’s drum pads and trippy light-up sticks. Sporting sibling love by showing off the newest merch from Heartless Ph (and really hot boots), Joyce Pring surprised the mob with a few songs and shot the hype through the roof. The undeniably infectious energy Victor, Joyce, X-Factor, Alwyn, and MVRXX poured out for URBN QC opened the floodgates for an even more turbulent night.

Rocky Ramos and Victor Pring, founders of Heartless Ph with Louie Lizardo

MC Victor Pring

DJ Ace Ramos kept the vivacity flowing with his masterly finesse in merging classic crowd favorites and upcoming club anthems. In the two decades of Ace’s career, he has made thousands of people freely dance to his music and he just initiated a few hundred more. Succeeding on the decks were DJs John “Knoxville” Monreal (peep his upcoming mixtape “No Thanks”) and Alex Wong, and man did they go ham. Their collaboration compelled the real untamed ones on the dance floor to headbang along to their grimy bangers. To give them higher praise, Knoxville humbly admits that they improvised their entire set and played it all by ear! We don’t know how exactly but that, ladies and gentlemen, is the mark of a dexterous DJ.

Taking over next was DJ Marc Marasigan. URBN QC jigged to his fusion of hardcore bangers and old school OPM classics (Narda by Kamikazee, anyone?) that got everyone screaming at the top of their lungs. To Marc, being a DJ isn’t just about pressing buttons on a controller—it’s about engulfing the crowd with the music’s story of peaks and stillness. As the first light began to seep through the doorway’s crack, brothers Jon, Janus, Marlo, and Marc Naval shut the venue down with a set that left everyone on an adrenaline high. The band of brothers left the crowd hungry for more, and for breakfast. Cheeky drunkards popped out the club in groups, and stuck around to hang out with their favorite acts beneath the break of day.

AfterParty would once again like to thank our sponsors Bacardi, Road to Ultra: Philippines, The Sneakpeek, Heineken, Pioneer DJ, U DO U, and Heartless Ph, our media partners RaveManila, uncovr.co, WhenInManila.com, Rave.PH, Manila Concert Scene, and EDM Philippines, our venue URBN QC for letting us bounce off the walls, our artists, and of course every single one of our beloved AfterPartyers for making What’s Your Cool the biggest back to school party of the year! This is just the tip of the iceberg, so gear up because we’re ready to bring you the whole damn glacier. Keep checking AfterParty for the hottest events in the Metro!

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