Remember the Titans. In their one night only show last Saturday, this Shadow Moses new MV was announced by the guys of the band themselves. And as they mentioned on their social, this is a special music video going “out to Genome Soldiers that stuck with us through the years.”

They planned to premiere this Shadow Moses new MV Saturday night at the gig, but the show was just too lit to add it. Yes, that lit! See more of the show here now.

And if you want to see the video, we have it too:

The video makes you feel like you’re playing a video game, with the men of Shadow Moses as the main titans. This video definitely shows how Chyrho, Ninno, and Six The Northstar are the way they always are live—B-I-G!

The music video was uploaded September 2, 2018 with the guys thanking the following in their credits:

Producer – Bea Sigua

Director – Gio Puyat

Editor – Abby Alcanzare

Compositing/VFX – Marti Salva

Illustrations – Gio Puyat Aerial

Footage – Max Abasolo

#shadowmoses #shamo #nerdcore

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