In case you missed her live virtual performances, MCA Music got your back!

After their successful live performance at ‘Music is Universal’ virtual edition, the exclusive invite-only showcase is having a go for round 2 with none other than the emerging musician Gracie Abrams! Yes, you’ve heard it right! She’ll be back in a separate anticipating live session called, ‘minor’ Bedroom Shows.

To give you a little refresher, her intimate, yet soulful live performance straight from her iconic bedroom made her fans bright-eyed and eager to show their love during her virtual gig with Trevor Daniel and Alexander 23 last month.

Only a screen separating Gracie and her fans, we are betting that this breakout singer-songwriter will definitely offer her emotionally-charged tracks again! Honestly, listening to her during her live gig, she’s beyond great and you can absolutely embrace her raw voice that underpins those soulful melodies.

Oh, what’s more? MCA Music announced that this September, Gracie will be back with more shows, more performances, and even more to offer for her fans in Southeast Asia.

Who’s that girl?

Of course, it’s fun also to get to know her more. Glady enough, we had a chance to meet her virtually and it was a great experience to chat with her and dive more into her craft. With laughs ricocheting in her room and her eyes filled with passion, we can honestly say that Gracie Abrams is one of the artists that you should put on your radar this year.

In line with that, you can totally check our interview with her below!


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Are you excited to meet Gracie Abrams virtually?

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