The Annual music fest ‘Wanderland’ goes online this year! What’s more, “Entrance” is now free!

If you feel sad because Wanderland musical festival hit a time-out due to the pandemic, fret no more because the annual music fest has its big comeback TOMORROW! Yes, you’ve heard it right, Wanderland Music & Arts Festival 2020: HOME COURT, a sports-themed online concert will be slating GlobeOne app tomorrow, October 24.

You can catch the brand new live performances of Thai Loverboy, Phum Viphurit, and of course, the up-and-coming local bands such as Lola Amour and Rusty Machines in the afternoon. Plus, be entertained as well with the never-before-seen sets from Wanderland 2019 artists HONNE, Masego, and Joan through Globe Virtual Hangouts. 

To tell you, the organizers picked the Olympics-inspired theme for its highly-anticipated virtual concert with high hopes that Wanderers will be fixated on their own “winning moments” in spite of what’s happening in the world today.

How To Join?

Learn the ropes of the game by logging in to your GlobeOne App or just watch the video below! Don’t forget that it’s FREE ACCESS and everyone can take the front row seat!

Join now in a virtual hangout platform presented by Globe and made possible by Karpos Multimedia where we can definitely enjoy the new-normal way of live concerts.

The game is in your favor, Wanderers! Invite your Wanderbuddies and tell them you’ll be streaming #W2020HOMECOURT tomorrow, October 24, at 4 PM! See you there, Wanderers!

Enjoy tomorrow, Wanderers!

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