Extrapolation brought us along for a musical journey through their own form of eclectic jazz last Thursday as they launched their newest single, “Sunshine Blue.” Friends, family, and fans packed the inside of Dulo MNL tightly, awaiting the return.

A Poblacion Buzz

Manila’s morning light displays the streets of Poblacion like nothing more than shut down establishments glued next to each other. As the working class clocks out of their offices and the sun bids goodbye, however, a different kind of buzz sets Poblacion ablaze. Crowds look for a specific activity for the night as they graze through the area’s multicolored-lit signs. Some already know where they’re going, while some aimlessly tread on until they find the perfect spot.

The day of September 28 marked a special Thursday at the creative space of Dulo MNL. It filled up quickly during soundcheck, a clear cut indication that we were in for a good night. The opening acts that came on stage offered a flavor of their own, with Mobster Manila’s Stray Cats plus Joe Strummer sound standing out the most to us. Their strut backed Brigg’s (the guitarist) logos of The Clash, New Order, and The Smiths plastered on the Fender Telecaster. Dulo locals paid a visit to catch fellow opening band The Crashers as that could’ve been their last Voodoo Child gig for a while. Meanwhile, a few live friends brought Northern Man’s psychedelic lo-fi tunes to life.

Mobster Manila in the Extrapolation Sunshine MV launch

Your Next Vacation Soundtrack

An outside mob of cigarette smokers rushed in to catch the premiere of Extrapolation’s “Sunshine Blue” music video. Its projection on the big screen reconstructed the ambience of the sea right inside Dulo’s four walls. The 8-piece band’s intention of showing their human side played out perfectly in the video; Director Inna Cristobal made sure no scene looked choreograph as they enjoyed the salty air and refreshing waves of the South China Sea like a group of normal friends do. Beautiful drone shots accompanied Isab’s singing of “I wish we never had to say goodbye / It’s the same old lie / Sunshine blue,” the same lines that run through your mind as you’re packing up a quick weekend getaway.

Extrapolation in the Extrapolation Sunshine MV launch

Extrapolation in the Extrapolation Sunshine MV launch

Extrapolation in the Extrapolation Sunshine MV launch

As 2017 comes to an end, we’re looking forward to more single launches from Extrapolation and a full-length album in early 2018. The next time you plan on dropping your city life for a weekend, don’t forget to add “Sunshine Blue” to your travel playlist!