It’s finally here, you guys—a Unique Salonga concert is happening this September 29, announced just two weeks after the surprise release of his debut single, Midnight Sky. As we all know, Unique left his former band IV Of Spades earlier this May, and went to sign and seal a contract with O/C Records under Callalily vocalist Kean Cipriano.

Titled “The Grandma Tour”, this Unique Salonga concert is going to take place at the KIA Theatre, Cubao, Quezon City. We don’t know yet about the other tour dates and places, but for now, we have the Unique Salonga concert happening very soon, so be sure to grab your tickets starting tomorrow, July 31.

Prices are as follows:

VVIP – 3,922 PHP

VIP – 2.650 PHP

Orchestra – 2,120 PHP

Loge – 1,272 PHP

Balcony – 848 PHP

There may be more surprises in store as we don’t know yet what songs will be played—if he’s going to add IV of Spades hits like in his past performances as a solo artist. But one thing we know for sure, we can expect a Midnight Sky performance.

If you haven’t listened to it, watch this music video:

People are reacting to Unique’s tweets, saying IV of Spades should be invited, and that the price should be cheaper, but come on guys, Unique’s on his way to his new careerthere’s no need to be bitter about this.