From top-notch judges, to crazy aerials and 18 crews clashing head-to-head, the first elimination round of All The Way Up was truly an event worth seeing. And it’s even made remarkable by an electrifying impromptu performance by one of the judge, Kenjhons Serrano.

He first performed his song with John Sedano and Rockboi entitled MEKENI. A fusion of Sedano’s head-bopping beats mixed with Rockboi’s rap and Kenjhons soulful flow. Hell, the song was so danceable even AfterParty’s brand ambassador and All The Way Up’s host, Victor Pring joined him on stage for a quick dance.

In between singing, Kenjhons also showed us why he is one of the Philippines’ top dancers as he gloriously showed us his moves and it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before.

After performing MEKENI, he intentionally drops the mic as he segways it into his another song:

Para ‘to sa mic na ‘to. Inaalay ko tong kantang ‘to dito sa mic.

When the crowds finally gets what he’s trying to say, they then burst into cheers as they know what he is performing next—his song with Tim Sawyer entitled “Di kita Baby”

This song is truly an earworm. Hell, even us here in the office are singing it like crazy and we can’t take it out of our system. Maybe it’s my fault. I’m the one who is editing this Kenjhons video and singing it over and over again my office mates got infected.

Back to the event, KenJhons song with Tim Sawyer is so popular, you can’t even hear Kenjhons singing as the crowd sings it louder than him. It got even made more popular when 2018’s Dance Star Overall Champion, Rockwell made a dance challenge of the said song.

The dance cover was so popular even the Electrokidz, one of the dance crews, knew the moves and danced along with Kenjhons and some of RockWell members.

Overall, the event was so successful this is just a cherry on top to make things even more awesome. Kudos to AfterParty and All The Way Up.

Watch KenJhons performance in All The Way Up HERE: