On the 5th leg of All The Way Up, we got an exclusive interview with judge Taki Saito! Want to see her secret talent? We gotchu!

You might know Taki Saito from Sunday Pinasaya, Eat Bulaga, and even the 2017 film called Trip Ubusan: The Lolas Vs. Zombies. And onscreen, you’d usually see her strut her stuff like how she did on this video below!

By now, we’re sure you’re dying to know more about this dancing cutie. So here’s our exclusive interview with the noontime show beauty!

How do you feel about being in All The Way Up?

This is my first time. And it’s funny ‘cause this is my first time judging also. So it was like, mixed emotions. And it was really, really hard, like if you can see—but of course you cannot see—my judging sheet, my everything is like, almost at the same level. Literally, everyone is really good!

I was shocked. I didn’t know that the level [of excellence of All The Way Up contestants] was that high. So it was a very good surprise for me.

What do you think of the dancers who were here tonight?

I’ve been to a lot of dance competitions, and there’s one thing that everyone always has in these kinds of competitions. It’s that huge smile, even if they’re breathing [heavily], and sweating all over their bodies. So I was really happy to see that [again]. This is a very small venue [we’re in right now], and there’s a lot of people, but you don’t feel like it’s crowded.

We all know that you also dance, so have you ever joined a competition like this?

I always wanted to join this kind of competition, but I don’t have the time. And I don’t think that my body can do it. ‘Cause to be in a competition—I have a lot of friends [who join competitions like this]—you know, it’s physical. You’d be training for 2 or 3 months, or even more.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I love RNB. I’m 18, but I have an old soul. I like Nelly, Boyz II Men—a lot of 90s, early 2000s stuff.

How about local artists?

Guys, I’m sorry but, I love my Ate Regine [Velasquez.]

Can you give a sample of your favorite RNB song?

You want me to sing? I think no one is going to want to watch this video anymore. No one is gonna click [this]!

*sings a part of Nelly’s Dilemma anyway*

Hopefully your ears are still okay, so please do comment if your ears are not okay.

What other talents do you have that not a lot of people know?

I have a very flexible thumb. And it’s no magic trick, this is my thumb! VIEW THE VIDEO NOW TO SEE HER SPECIAL TALENT!

That’s something that not everyone knows about me ‘cause mostly, everyone knows everything about me. You open my Instagram account, you’ll see everything. And you just don’t see that. So, congratulations!

If you were a Filipino dish, what dish would you be?

Sinigang. Kasi minsan maasim, mindan hindi. Kasi minsan may topak ako, minsan wala. You know, it’s just those small little girl things that all the girls would understand.

If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?

I would be a Mini Cooper, ‘cause it’s really, really small, but it’s really classy. And it’s like, the moment you park that you’re like, “Whoa! Heyyy, I have a Mini Cooper.” So yeah, I’m a Mini Cooper.

What more can we expect from you in the coming days or months?

To get better in singing! I will! I’m working on it! If I can work on my dancing, then I can work on my singing. It’s a challenge. Who knows, [you might even hear an album from me], who knows? Everything is possible.

Do you have a message you want to tell your fans?

I hope your ears are okay! And please follow my Instagram account it’s @taki. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite crews for All The Way Up through the AfterParty [app].

And we know you’re dying to hear and watch her say all these things, so we’ve got the EXCLUSIVE video of the beautiful just for you!

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