John Fassold’s The Chainsmokers tutorial video went viral and now he has another hit. This time, he deconstructs the music of Twenty One Pilots. Watch complete Twenty One Pilots Song Tutorial video now!

Some may argue that international mainstream music today sound very much alike. What is worse is that most people still eat it up.

Nevertheless, there is nothing really wrong with enjoying any kind of music. But there is also nothing wrong with analysing the styles of the artists and making fun of them in the right way.

Stressed Out Yet?

Twenty One Pilots are known for their famous hits “Stressed Out” and “Heathens” which was also boosted in popularity thanks to its inclusion in the “Suicide Squad” movie soundtrack. They also have a diverse set of tracks, which is something that Fassold points out.

Fassold’s video shows how Twenty One Pilots choose their chord progressions for their songs. As usual, he also tries to make his own song to prove his points.

There is also a part where Fassold shares his observation on how TOP breaks their songs during the rap parts. He also points out how the rapping parts can basically be anything as he reads the Apple’s terms and conditions.

Finally, Hassold makes fun of the fact that Twenty One Pilots cannot make up their mind in which genre to focus on with their songs. Personally, I think they sound fine except for the rapping parts which are really monotonous. I think the track below illustrates the point best.

Regardless of how TOP make their songs, the pop duo still won loads of awards at the recent Billboard Music Awards. They won Top Duo/Group and Top Rock Artist.

In my own humble opinion, Twenty One Pilots do sound better than The Chainsmokers. At least the former makes an effort in being diverse in their music and lyrics.

Fassold still showed the Tide detergent in his video. Some people are starting to think that all of his videos are just one huge viral marketing campaign from Tide.

Besides the Twenty One Pilots video, Fassold also uploaded other tutorials and one Chainsmokers parody song. What is your favorite so far?

Photo is from Phoenix New Times