Throwing it back to when we went to a different kind of Bass n’ Bacon. An Emo Night where you party like you’re SAD AF. Last May 18, Emoji Records Presented: BASS N’ BACON Emo Night Party. With the usual creative genius from Jared Celemin aka BSTRDPRNCE comes a Bass n’ Bacon unlike the rest of them.

What went down

Over 21 artists came to support the event, with Katsy Lee, BSTRDPRNCE, X-Factor, Jet Boado, John Sedano x Angelica Castro (A/V set), BVSSFVCE, Mannix x JOYEN x Danger Sanchez (Live), Michael ‘Dj Spoiled’ Lantoria, Sam Wong, Rudys, Ingrid, Solomon Stark, Tizon x Drey, Jeremiah De Asis, Alpons (Spoken Word), Victor Pring, Boo, DZ SVG , Tim Sawyer, Monti Comia, and Michael Cabañez. 

Doors opened at 8 PM, and people flooded in around 9:30 PM with their anything black get-up that made the dark ambient feel of Club LEVEL even more ghastly. Booze and Bacon can be seen passed all over the room as people filled themselves up with the heavenly pair whilst they soak up the entertainment of the night.

It was a very good prelude to how people party when they are SAD AF, it was as they say — a new experience that answers the generation old question of how mood is indicative of how a party swings. And who says that sadness is equated to a bad night? To set things straight, the evening was far from sad nor bad — it was , the complete opposite. People enjoyed themselves like there was no tomorrow and as always like every Bass n Bacon before it. This evening, is but another success.

Don’t believe me? Well, why don’t you watch the video below and let it blow your mind off.

Onto Bass n Bacon 5

Continuing their motto of bringing all that is good in bacon, booze n’ bass. The group behind Bass n’ Bacon is treating all its avid goers to something that is even more sassier. Check their FB Page out here to know more. Hint? It is all about the Squad Goals yow!