MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) invites you to U2 The Joshua Tree: Tribute night with performances by GiLT, Zsaris, somedaydream, and Paranoid City. Celebrate the 30th anniversary of this legendary album at The 70’s Bistro on August 3 with P200 for entrance and one free drink.

The Joshua Tree

Even before The Joshua Tree’s release, U2 already had four successful albums under their belt. The band had already been heavily involved in development work performing for Amnesty International’s Conspiracy of Hope benefit concerts. Lead singer Bono was even making personally humanitarian visits to third world countries with his wife. He claimed that the citizens of these countries were rich in spirit while he was “a spoiled child of the Western world”.

Spending a majority of their time touring the United States influenced the theme of their album. Literature from writers like Raymond Carver and Norman Mailer, and former US president Ronald Reagan’s political agendas helped shape the conscious tone of the album.

Top Pick from the Album

I consider myself a fan of U2. Not the biggest, but enough to feel a certain attachment to their songs. They were one of the first few bands I began to take notice of as a child mostly because both my parents listened to them. However, I only came to fully understand Bono’s superb songwriting ability later on. As I grew up, I began to connect the dots with his lyrics and the dreary situation of the real world.

With or Without You

With full confidence, I can say that With or Without You is my best-loved U2 track of all time. I’ve cried to it countless times (not a joke) and it just seems to be appropriate for any phase in my life. Bono’s struggle to balance his responsibilities as a touring musician and a married man created this emotional song. The tension in the track builds up, much like his career and his domesticated life. At first listen the lyrics seem to describe two lovers, but put it on repeat and you’ll find yourself agreeing with Bono regarding the struggle in your own life.

Check out this live performance by the band in Paris. Definitely one of my favorites.

“I was strolling down past Paris way / I walked through the streets in the light of the day / I knew that summer had arrived when I saw your eyes / When I see you / When I hope that it was good / As it was good for me / As it was good for you / Then it was good for me / Love, love will tear us apart again.”

Special mentions:

One Tree Hill

Dedicated to the band’s roadie and one of Bono’s closest friends, Greg Carroll passed after a motorcycle accident. Stick around for the ending and feel the pain the band encountered during this tough time.

Bullet The Blue Sky

One of U2’s most political tracks, Bono’s trip to Nicaragua and El Salvador inspired Bullet The Blue Sky. He had seen how the US military intervened the region and the negative effects it had on the locals.

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