The Gig Circuit: Unit27 Cafe and Conspiracy Garden Cafe (Stages Sessions)

We are on our third episode of Stages Sessions’ The Gig Circuit, and you are probably wondering why we keep tagging along their events?

Well, besides the fact that we’re part of their media partners, we really believe in Stages Sessions’ mission to give the artists the chance to showcase their craft in the most sincere and authentic way possible; as well as to help artists get the recognition they truly deserve.

“The Gig Circuit is the biggest endeavor of Stages Sessions so far” as Erika Jusayan, Producer of The Gig Circuit, would put it.

It is a long journey of finding out how gigs work – the gig venues, the production, and everyone other than the artists, especially the gig-goers. They found out that some of the gig-goers go to a venue without knowing the artist line-up for the night.

They feel that there are still a lot to learn about the gig circuit in the Metro as well as a lot of stories to be told.

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Talking to SUD about “Show Me”

One of our favorite things to do during gigs is talking to the artists after their set! We got to talk to SUD at Unit 27 Cafe, and we got to ask him about their latest music video, “Show Me”.

We asked him why they decided to dance in this MV. Sud says that it was their idea from way before also,

“The song is very pop… very cliche… very 70s- 80s vibes. so inisip namin yung video maging true to the song. Very colorful, and at the same time, playful.”

The dance part was actually the director’s idea where he listed “Dirty Dancing” and “Grease” as their pegs.

And lastly, the ending jumpshot was actually Sud’s idea!

Unit 27 Cafe

If you want to find out what happened during Stages Sessions x Unit27, watch our episode here:

Conspiracy Garden Cafe

Here are our gallery from Stages Sessions x Conspiracy!

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