Still hung over the first season of Thailand’s most popular boys-love series? Because soon, a TharnType The Series’ fan meet will be happening in Manila!

In case you are not familiar, “TharnType: The Series” is a show that aired in Thailand which caught the hearts of a lot of audiences because of its wonderful story and well-rounded characters. The story revolved around two college dorm mates who were both guys. The catch is, one of them is homophobic while the other is openly gay. But as they spend more time together in a small room, they eventually learn about acceptance, trust, and love. All of this is seen as they navigate through their troubled pasts despite the differences played on them.

With no expectations, lead-actor Mew Suppasit and fast-rising rookie-actor Gulf Kanawut, played the roles of Tharn and Type respectively and showed their top-notch acting and chemistry, gathering an over-all 50 million views on LineTV. Of course, a lot of people were hung-up from the first season because of this. Just look at the two of them!

Now, during their recently concluded fan meeting in Bangkok, the producers of the show were thrilled to share an exciting announcement. A second season for “TharnType: The Series” will be coming! And obviously, this was the best news to help fans in moving forward on their hung-up from the first season of definitely one of the most anticipated series this year.

The First-Ever International Fan Meeting

Both Suppasit and Kanawut already visited the Philippines for their individual fan meetings. But this 2020, they will be finally coming together for the first-ever international fan meeting of the show. Joining the “TharnType: The Series” fan meet in Manila are supporting actors such as Mild Suttinut, AA Pattarabut and Kaownah Kittipat. They also play important roles in the series.

TharnType The Series Fan Meet Manila 2020

In partnership with MewGulf Philippines and The Queen Mother Hateu, Thai Entertainment Production presents “Finally, Together: TharnType Manila Fan Meet 2020”. This will be happening this March 22, 2020 at Skydome, SM North Quezon City.

For further inquiries and details about ticketing, simply visit In the meantime, we still have a good month left before the event so for now, let’s listen and watch one of their music videos for the show’s original soundtrack.

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