Here’s a shocker: Thai entertainment Production decided to postpone TharnType Manila Fan Meet 2020 on a later date!

We all know that a lot of upcoming events here in the Philippines are currently getting postponed. And with a heavy heart, one of it is the Thai’s most popular BL series. Due to the massive growth of cases of the novel Corona Virus, the most awaited TharnType Manila Fan meet get also postponed for everyone’s health and safety.

Photo By: Psycho Milk

TharnType series is all about the story of a handsome and warm boy, Type. He eventually became a homophobic because of a saddening story when he was a child. The trauma of being molested by a man when he was still young became the reason why he hated gays. But the interesting part of his life began when he has to stay with his gay roommate, Tharn— for the rest of their college years. Tharn is majoring music and he is incredibly handsome but as we all know, Type hates a gay guy.

With all being said, the said series gained a million viewers and eventually released their tour dates. But with a heavy heart, we have to wait for a few more days to see them on the center stage of SM North Skydome.

To ease our impatient hearts, let’s wait for more announcements from the Tep Thai Management as they settling the reschedule deets for this event. Let’s hope also for the fast recovery of all those infected people and the end of the novel Corona Virus.

At the end of the day, destiny will find its way, right? So, let’s hope for the best and be mindful of our health!

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