Summer Sky Music Festival 2018, a different kind of Concert Tour and more

Going to events is possibly one of the most chart-topping experiences I’ve ever had as college kid (made you guess how old I am eh?) haha. And there’s actually a ton of different reasons for it, quite frankly any one of those would be a pretty good enough reason for it. I mean, we can detail how the school grounds readied itself for it, or the amount of effort the student body put into ensuring a success or even the length of how they were able to get our favorite artists to play. But I guess what stood out most for me is the experience of enjoying the school event with the whole school body. It has a different feel for it. A unique nostalgic memory that has forever been embedded in me, not to mention the fact that I sort of was able to connect  with a group of my best-est college buddies, that till now is with me through thick and thin. Oh such happy memories!

It is safe to say that school events are the highlight of almost every school year. That being said, AfterParty, in our goal to bring you the best experience there is had collaborated with Summer Sky Productions for a different kind of School Concert Tour.

AfterParty brings the HEAT with Summer Sky

We present you with,  SummerSky — a local school concert tour that aims to raise up the OPM scene even more with not only the hottest of the hottest OPM artists like Gracenote, IV of Spades and December Avenue in the line-up.

Yes, we know that we can just always go to any bar and watch these famed artists — But, there’s none quite like it seeing them play specifically for you at your beloved school grounds — and get this, Summer Sky not only brings the music to the University of Perpetual Help in Molino but rather gives them a whole new experience with AfterParty as the Official App — and all afterpaty-ers out there are familiar with how much goodies they get out of attending an AfterParty event.

With Summer Sky as the first this Summer Season, do get ready for a legen — wait for it dary night! First and foremost — we give you, an inter-school – Campus DJ Contest (wink), with all the amazing artists you could get your hands on!

The In-Campus DJ Contest

With EDM continuously rising and with a ton of local artists getting known for their remarkable beats and tunes, Summer Sky is glad to present another first: A Campus DJ Contest with a twist! Unlike all other DJ contests, Summer Sky presents this with AfterParty and you know us, we always give you something interesting with a whole lotta rewards!

Summer Sky – the on Campus DJ Contest will not be just another Dj spin-off, aside from testing their skills on deck but it will also challenge their  charm!

Registration will open SOON! So watch out for the How to JOIN & Qualify!

Summer Sky Lifting up the OPM Scene

Since the early 2000’s, OPM has continuously risen. And as Filipinos, we couldn’t be more proud – however, there’s still much room for growth in that category – after all, with the musical genius of today as seen with so many young artist showcasing such monstrous talents – we believe that there’s much room for more, and that is how Summer Sky was born.

That is why a Concert Tour with a twist is here — firstly, AfterParty will identify the next generation of  talents through our interschool competition then we help them gain more structure as we give them an undeniable experience, a taste of how it feels like to be in the line-up, as we build them up to be the next music icons.

More engagement, more connections – AfterParty, forging new relationships

But, it doesn’t have to end there, as I’ve said earlier – events is one of the best way to enjoy the school spirit, and how do you do that? with connecting and vibing it up with the whole student body – and as we said AfterParty makes the experience better as we give you guys a new social game that lets you meet and connect with the whole student body through the AfterParty app!

Imagine getting a chance to talk to one of your senior idols or to the school’s top student even before Summer Sky starts! Who knows? you might even click and go together? Wouldn’t that be just so awesome?

Well, hold your horses, we definitely got you covered there as we eliminate the fear of going to Summer Sky alone, with AP’s game that lets you interact with that someone – we give you the chance to cool tag who you think is admirable without the usual awkwardness with it!

So, just set your calendars to June 9, 2018 and get ready to go to one of the most unique school concert tours of your lives! We are bringing the best of the country right there to you!

Psyched? so are we! Just check on for further updates as we slowly reveal who the artists are and what other goodies we’ll have for you guys! Stay tuned in!

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