Summer Sky Production, what went right and what didn’t

As an insider we are giving our account of the somewhat disappointing “Summer Sky Music Festival“,  no one knew it would be a chaotic event with organisers “ignoring every warning sign”.

The event – which is situated at the University of Perpetual Help Molino (Bacoor Cavite) had been in production for a couple of months now, however due to many unforeseen circumstances — with the production itself (location, artists & budget) a lot of setback had been in order.

We, as one of the event supporters (and a major sponsor) are quite hesitant to give a detailed account of what happened, but as we’re in the same space as everyone, for fairness and in the spirit of transparency and lessons to be learned. We opted to recount all the details as we could.

What is…

Summer Sky was marketed as the biggest Music Festival in the South with promise of some of the best bands OPM has to offer. It was, supposedly a routine event production. Till it proved to be , otherwise. Things looked up mid-May, as Alta Vista Productions came in contact with AfterParty. And if people aren’t aware of it yet — AfterParty is not the direct event organizer/promoter – we were just your regular event app (a sponsor), but, in a nutshell. AfterParty boasted so much more —  it established itself as an event management platform that handles most of the event to do’s.

Meetings were done and AfterParty as an entity delivered way more than it promised — it became the main marketing arm for Summer Sky (with less than 3 weeks into it) as well as an artist provider with five (5) EDM performers added into the original line-up.

What was…

Summer Sky descended into chaos on the day of after revellers arrived to find a half developed site, little to no organization and heavy rains all over with an added issue of major acts pulling out, the last minute. Summer Sky Music Festival, is left in oblivion.

The organizers were at a standstill as to postponing the event or continuing on. In the end however, with zero to no collaboration — the show went on. With much of it due to our artists’ wish to not disappoint their fans, which greatly paved the way.

We hold deep respect and admiration to our OPM bands — special shoutout to AfterParty’s very own EDM artists’ with Gracenote and IV of Spades, still putting on one hell of a performance with the dire set-up of the stage and all other issues against their performance, they all continued and made every attendee experience one for the books.

Better Days

In a nutshell,

In lieu of all that went down, we as a part of the event learned a ton of things, of what to do and what not to. Summer Sky promised a lot and it was way over its head — AfterParty came in to hold what it can way above the usual partnership responsibility it has but with too much trust and confidence placed on the organizer; one could only do so much.

Point? If the going gets as clear as the writing was on the wall. Coupled with too many red-flags. And with organizers overlooking so many very basic things, anyone involved in the actual production should have taken the time to micromanage every little thing to ensure a seamless event.

May it be the weather (which is a very big factor) the artists, turnout, venue and suppliers; As the main organizer/promoter — Contingencies are in order, especially for the Budget and compensation. Those are your top priority. Reactionary moments with indecisiveness and shady personal innuendos are never a good combination.

We don’t wanna point fingers, after all at the end of the day — what we saw is something way bigger than anything else. It was a real spectacle of how one industry (from its suppliers, artists and sponsors) came in together as one for the love of music and its avid followers. Summer Sky somehow pulled it off, it gave back what it could.

Lessons learned

AfterParty, with all other RM’s, and suppliers have gotten a lot out of this, as we’ve stated earlier, the lessons are what we got out of this– but, we know (being in this industry for quite sometime) that this could have been prevented if priorities and expectations were aligned.

And that is why AfterParty is launching its’ event management platform. A disruptor in its own right, AfterParty (if used properly) is all that you will ever need in event production and management. It boasts a whole feature in its CMS that caters to the event category management (mainly artist provision, data analytics & digital media marketing), without the usual hassle and technical difficulties.

But don’t just take it from me — check it out by clicking here.

Who knows? AfterParty might make all the difference in the world.

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