Summer Sky Music Festival 2018 line-up is finally here, and guess what? We got all the juicy goodness of who will be performing! (and a bit more!)

So let me just amp up the volume a bit as we officially release our roster of artists. Check this video out below and get blown away with a power cast line-up from OPM to EDM, what could be better?

Props to our amazing edit & sound design (Dana Blaze and Paul Evangelista)

The OPM Selection

From University of Perpetual Help Molino’s very own Banjo and the Pirates to the up and coming Asch and the band to some of the most sought after bands, Summer Sky has it all for you.

Jensen & the Flips

Jensen Gomez, Mel Roño, Choi Padilla, Carlo Maraingan, Sam Valenia , Fitz Manto, Jesser Sison, Magic Montano, Honeydel Lopez

Coming back from a seemingly long hiatus from performing in big gigs since last year’s controversy is Jensen and the Flips. And why not? they are a talented bunch and music is universal – so we did away with hating on who they are personally is, and all that, we just hope that with this renewed expression of love and passion for their creation of music — that they get to be truly reformed and out of what took them under. Cheers to second chances and more onto changing for the better.

Better Days

Daniel Paringit (Vocals/Guitars) , Rosner Mabuti (Keyboardist/Backing vocals), Gelo Cabigon (Bass), Jaro Delos Reyes (Lead Guitars)

Deemed as the next rising OPM band, Better Days is Daniel Paringit (Vocals/Guitars) , Rosner Mabuti (Keyboardist/Backing vocals), Gelo Cabigon (Bass) and Jaro Delos Reyes (Lead Guitars). Catch them as they overturn your ears with their exceptional music.


Eunice Jorge – Vocals,Keyboards,Violin,Guitars |Jazz Jorge – Bass | EJ Pichay – Drums

Likened to the famous international band – Paramore, Gracenote is this nation’s premiere Synco-Pop Punk, Rock, Alternative band that embellishes the harmony or melody of a song in their own interpretation. It is also quite ironic that they were formed in the hallways of their University prior. Campus Tour gigs are definitely quite close to their hearts.

December Avenue

Zel Bautista, Jem Manuel, Don Gregorio, Jet Danao, Gelo Cruz

One of today’s power ballad favorites, December Avenue is known for their love strung notes and melodic churns that depict stories of failed love to those who are hopeful still. Summer Sky is definitely happy to have them turn up the stage into one crazy night!


Josh Villena (guitars and vocals) | Kai Honasan (keyboards and vocals) | Neil Tin (guitars) | EJ Edralin (synth) | Timothy “Pabs” Vargas (bass guitar) | Gep Macadaeg (drums)

Hailed as the emerging future of Pop in the future of Filipino Music (“If you want to have an idea of what the potential future of Pinoy pop music is, as far as I’m concerned, Autotelic should be right up there.” ) by one of he most prominent Filipino rock star, Francis “Brew” Reyes. This band is getting there.

IV of Spades

IV of Spades Badjao De Castro, Blaster Silonga, Unique Salonga, Zild Benitez © Jerushia

Oh, and who can ever forget this year’s most controversial band? IV of Spades with the recent departure of their Lead Singer – Unique Salonga, is this year’s most celebrated new artist. And why wouldn’t they? The most celebrated stylistic group that debuted “Mundo” , a unique mix of their not so usual  uptempo, funky sound with their romantic offering still successfully captured in the essence of their musical prowess.

Hmmm, and we just got word — that the III might be IV, are you up for it?

Rave Party, cause why not?

A LIT summer festival won’t ever be complete without the craziest EDM beat, so AFterParty got yo back as we give you the best line-up there can ever be. Check them out.

Calvin Felipe

One of the “funboys” in the EDM scene, Calvin is just as he is – an emulation of fun in his beats. Get to see his set up and be prepared to dance the night away.

Katsy Lee

The UNICORN of all EDM, DJ Katsy Lee has created a name for herself not just for her undeniable looks, but also her raving artistry in her beats. Also, FYI, she won countless DJ Battles in the past which if not enough to prove how sick her mashes are, then we just don’t know what will.

X-Factor with Victor Pring

DJ X-Factor is not your average DJ, he is one of the premiere DJ’s in town, wait — scratch that in the country, perhaps even Asia. Coupled with Victor Pring who has amassed a name on his own in roughly just 3 years of being in the industry. Suffice to say that this duo is one of the best there ever is, with such a deep drop and tunes that truly get you out of your usual partying stance. Not sure what we mean? Catch them this coming June 9 and see how they’ll monstrously affect your buzz!

Marc Marasigan

Ah, the multi-talented, faceted man. Marc Marasigan – one of today’s leading DJ’s, is a resident at Cove Manila, one of today’s hottest spots. DJ Marc is known for his outstanding mash-ups, one of which gets the crowd in a daze of nostalgia. With his retro mixes and crazy drops, he is a definite one to look out for.

What are you waiting for lads? Isn’t this enough to get your asses up from wherever you are? I think it is more than what anyone could bargain for. So, people from the South, are you ready for Summer Sky’s ultimate music festival? we got, not just an entire battalion of solid bands but also the best EDM artists there ever is.

Grab your tickets at Stoned Bar & Grill and get your AfterParty App ready, cause it is almost less than  10 days away!