Saturdays are always the best time to get out and experience a good whiplash before Monday looms in. And just this Saturday, at the Stoned Bar & Grill, AfterParty brings in the most awaited Summer Sky Campus DJ Battle at the wake of June as we usher it in a rave night like no other. Thanks to an amazing venue (Stoned Bar & Grill) with Summer Sky’s Production team, all was a spectacle, to say the least.

The low down

Six aspirants were eagerly awaiting the beginning of their exhibition night. Being the natural commodore that AfterParty is, we  took this time to get to know each of them. And we pretty much got a good grip of why they’ve chosen to DJ and their inspirations. (That’s another story) and you can read on it here.

Going back to the event proper. Stoned Bar & Grill opened its doors at around 9:30 and people came in to watch and see how our 6 battlers get to fair in their own 15 minute exhibitions.

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Starting the round off with a draw lots, the first to perform was Jia (the only female contender) with Ivan, Alvin, Stan, Alfred and Jan completing the roster. They all exhibited skills that is both akin to an open format DJ Battle with a mix of technicality (scratching, cutting, etc.) with their own creative prowess.

SummerSky – the on Campus DJ Contest will not only test their skills on the deck but also their people charm! With EDM’s music mainly built on how the crowd would respond to their rhythm; so will the contest itself as it generates 6 qualified campus DJ’s to battle it out (not only behind the deck – but, more importantly on a social voting platform!)
Here’s a snippet of the battle. Check it out

Performance by DJ Mick & DJ Calvin

Rocking the night away (after all the 6 had battled it out) was DJ Mick, one of Manila’s top Open format DJ’s who stood the test of time as he just kept on gaining residencies (all over asia – shanghai). Known to have started out when he was 17 DJ Mick has done basically all that any DJ would want to accomplish. He has performed in various parts of the country and the world whilst he collaborated and has opened for various International and National artists.
And as he played the night away, everyone got treated with how it is done , the old school way. With sick beats and a talent for scratching and cutting that is to be revered. DJ Mick earned my vote as on of the best turntablist with a performance that totally got the whole of the South clamoring for more.
After, DJ Mick came in DJ Calvin Felipe, one of the known acts in the South — he came in with DJ Jay-R and they swooped the rest evening with his upbeat tempos and deep drops that lasted till 5 in the morning! Suffice to say that the night was capped off right into the morning with undeniable retro-ness that sealed Summer Sky Music Festival’s fierceness with this opening act that has set everyone who came in as stoned and as high as ever.
I am not from the South, but boy did Stoned Bar & Grill show how South can equally if not outlandishly make rave nights better.
If this is how Afterparty with Summer Sky Productions treat their events? then boy are we in for a totally hot event in this coming June 9, 2018 at the University of Perpetual Help (Molino Campus) Catch you at the Summer Sky Music Festival !