What’s a better way to cap off the school season? Join Summer Sky’s Campus DJ Contest!

You will encounter DJ contests everywhere in your life as a DJ. There are, of course, the typical DJ competitions held in a nightclub or concert hall where DJs are set up to perform one-by-one in short sets. There are also the recent online DJ contests where each contestant posts a mix or video. And there are just basic contests where a DJ really just gives up information in the hopes of winning a big prize.

This contest however isn’t like any of those. Created to lift the vibe up as summer ends, AfterParty collaborated with Summer Sky with Stone Bar & Grill to bring you a Campus DJ Battle like no other! Are you excited? I know I am.

It is of no question that EDM’s power is mainly built on how the crowd would respond to their rhythm; so we decided to pattern it after that. The contest itself will generate a couple of qualified campus DJ’s to join and all they have to do to win and join their idols into the amazing Summer Sky line-up is to invite as many friends as they can to vote for them by gaining points through our unique point system. That Simple. But to make things easier, here’s the step by step How to’s.

A. How to (QUALIFY)?

1. Must be 18 years old and above

2. Studying from a college  (South Colleges ONLY)

3. Holder of 1 Ticket to Summer Sky

B. How to (JOIN)?

1. Click this link here  (also on SUMMER SKY’s FB Page)  to Download AfterParty

2. Create Profile

C. How to (WIN)?

1. Share UNIQUE LINK via AfterParty App to your FB Timeline. (This is your chance to tag and Invite as many followers/friends to Download)

2. One Unique Download (via the link you shared) gains 1 Vote

3. Most Votes win and gets the chance to play with the hottest DJ’s on the Summer Sky line-up

*Reminders:  Voting Starts June 1 , at 10 AM, ends June 8 , midnight. Announcement of WINNER is on the Morning of June 9.

Summer Sky – the on Campus DJ Contest will not be just another Dj spin-off, aside from testing their skills on deck but it will also challenge their  charm!

Registration will end for the CAMPUS DJ Contenders on the eve of June 1, so what are you waiting for? Go to Summer Sky’s Official FB Page and Register by Downloading AfterParty. Get the ball rollin! Do not miss this chance to play and be with the best of the best DJ’s in the country!