Summer Siren 2017 came in HOT and as quickly as you can say wee-woo wee-woo.

The 3-day beach festival was the perfect getaway from the big bad city as it was fully-equipped with literally all a party-hungry could ask for this season: the beach, good drinks, summer activities, good company, and of course, the freshest from our local music artists.

Summer Siren 2017 Highlights

Day 1 of the event was all about our favorite rock and acoustic acts. Namely, Sud, Quest, Gab and John (of Urbandub), and Up Dharma Down, sandwiched by DJ sets from Tek x DC in the afternoon show and Jason Dewey, Highrise, and Kouta Kutsuma from 12AM onwards.

On Day 2, Summer Siren turned the heat up even further. It was an all-day (and all-night) party featuring the best of our local DJs and nightlife artists. Kio Priest even performed his newly out debut single, “We’ll Never Know,” for the first time live, and with BV and Tek & DC sharing the stage!

Like all the Summer Siren Fests we’ve been to, this year was once again jam-packed with people filing in as early as the opening act and not leaving until the sun went up. Even, the crowd on event grounds, people also soaked up some sunshine at Moonbay Beach where summer activities were located. Some of our favorites would have to be the beach yoga sesh by Playtex, Banana Boat’s beach volleyball, and the solid crossfit sessions by Okamoto!

After 2 days of rocking and partying it all out, Day 3 was the downtime. Or as I would consider it, the “recovery day”. It featured 2 short chillout sessions from Rammy Bitong and Gavin Skewes. This was nothing short of perfect to say our goodbyes to the waters of Subic and ultimately, the fire of an event that was Summer Siren 2017.

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‘Til the next festival, Afterpartyers! And don’t forget: Love your shores. Love your beat.

Photos: Chloei Capili