Art and literature are two of the biggest reasons why the world is colorful. Stay Furious: Tindig 2017 will showcase poetry and music together with the youth’s anger about today’s issues.

The Polaris Project and non-profit org Resbak, who fights for those relentlessly killed under false pretenses today, are co-presenting Stay Furious: Tindig 2017. This will happen at Venturespace in Mandaluyong on August 19, 2017. The event starts at 7:00PM and will run until midnight.

Spoken Word for Today’s Issues

Ranting about issues online is not really that productive. Those rants are also often drowning in the over-saturated social media space. It also does little to inspire others.

Stay Furious: Tindig 2017 will be an outlet for those brave enough to write a short story or two about today’s issues ranging from unfulfilled political promises to just the basic lack of human decency. The Polaris Project calls everyone to “stay furious” hence the name of the event.

Full poster for Tindig 2017

The Polaris Project has pulled artists that will be performing their original pieces on stage. They include Lakan Umali, Olivia Solomon, Jam Pascual, Cai Antonio, Carlos Cabaero, Patti Ramos, Leandro Reyes, Mark Belardo, Mark Dimaisip, Marlo Cabrera, and Sofia Dara Medina.

Stories for the Fallen

Tindig 2017 will also have their BurnBook which includes several 140-character stories written by writers around the metro. Contributing artists will be interpreting the entries visually: Bea Trinidad, Brendel Lim, Anna Marcelo, Pau Villanueva, Aia Arkoncel, Yasmin Sehob, Rai Perez, Manix Abrera, Rysa Antonio, and more.

Rappers Den Sy Ty and Calix x Skinxbonesand will also be performing as guest musicians. They will also be performing pieces with today’s societal issues as the theme.

Stay Furious: Tindig 2017 entrance will cost 250 PHP, proceeds of which will be given to Rise Up. The non-profit collective fights for the basic human rights of those who have been victims of the Philippines’ war with drugs. Rise Up documents all of the unfortunate incidents and gives support for the families of the victims. A BurnBook costs 70 PHP and proceeds will also go to the aforementioned beneficiary.

Partners and sponsors for the event include Sip PH, Punchdrunk Panda,, Loudmouth Collective, Collaboratory.PH, LAPIS ArtCom, Malate Literary Folio, Dripped Art Movement, Quid Pro Quo, Luna Productions, Raccoon Productions, RK Productions, Support Local Indie Scene, LOGOS, We are the Underdogs Productions, Caterwauls, Red Ninja Prodution, UP Arkaira, CFAD Himig, UP Radio Circle, Caravana Productions, Indie Manila, UA&P Media Management Committee, Noface Records,, MB Life, Jam 88.3, and UDOU.

Are you angry about something?