In a world where everyone and everything is designed to impress, how do you distinguish what, or who is real? In a time where everyone and everything is created to accommodate, how do you tell if it is of passion, love, and happiness, or merely just of responsibility or obligation?

This isn’t a story to be written off as one merely of a concert tour, nor the brand, organizer, and artists behind it. Stages Sessions cuts deeper than any of that; it is a movement with a crystal clear intention to “bridge the gap between Mainstream and Indie”. Also, by giving our very own music artists all the luxury to be just that: artists.

Authenticity. Sincerity. Unscripted-ness.

All the words that align with Stages Sessions’ core, allowing musicians to be the performers. They have always wanted to be, and to design the show they have always dreamed to have. No restrictions from a production team whatsoever; just pure, artist-centered shows for both your entertainment and the musicians’ satisfaction.

“The circuit of venues that an artist has to struggle through before they can get that one view on their Spotify, on YouTube.”

The Gig Circuit tour is a 7-show effort to celebrate the venues that have helped our local music artists to showcase their craft. And in an effort to tell the stories of our very own true talents here on U Do U, we are going to be following Stages Sessions on these shows, writing stories about how talent becomes talent with each gig.

Catch us on the following dates:


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